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Tough day in Milwaukee

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Open Wheel Racing Topics:  Daniel Herrington, Husar's House of Fine Diamonds 100

Tough day in Milwaukee

Andrew Herta
Bryan Herta Autosport
June 1, 2009

Daniel Herrington
Starting from the 11th spot in the No. 28 Le Bleu/BHA Dallara/Firestone car, Herrington also took advantage of the early cautions to enter the top-ten. On lap 26 he finally got around Pippa Mann for ninth and kept on charging.
After the caution came out for Jonathan Summerton on lap 51, Herrington used the race restart on lap 59 to advance to the eighth spot which is where he ran until he lost control of the rear-end of the car in turn four on lap 86, spun, and made significant contact with the inside wall.
Herrington was relegated to a 14th place finish and his first DNF of the season and just his second career DNF in 19 Firestone Indy Lights starts. It is also the first time Herrington has finished outside of the top-ten this season. In his previous five starts, he’s finished in the top-five one and the top-ten four more times. His incident today moved him down from seventh to eighth in the championship point standings.
The Milwaukee Husar’s House of Diamonds 100 Firestone Indy Lights race will be broadcast on Monday, June 1st at 4 pm ET on VERSUS.
Daniel on the accident/race:
“We had a little bit of push in the car all day and that was the first time it gave any indication that it was loose and so then it stepped out pretty suddenly and that caught me off guard; then I was just along for the ride. It was a pretty disappointing way to end the race because there wasn’t very much further to go in the race and we had a decent run up until then. That’s not the way that I saw this weekend going, but sometimes you have those (accidents).”

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