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What Is Alfa Romeo Planning For 2014?

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What Is Alfa Romeo Planning For 2014?

Geoff Maxted
October 12, 2013

Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo
Car manufacturers are notoriously secretive about their plans for the future. This is not unreasonable. Nobody wants to invest huge sums of money into research and development only to find their ideas already crowding another brand’s forecourt.

Alfa Romeo is such a company and appears to be in the process of rebuilding its empire. New cars are discussed and product plans changed, rumours circulate, and then everything goes quiet again. So what can we expect from Alfa Romeo in 2014?

Already with us is the superb 4C and customers can expect the sports car to be a hot seller next year. In addition, there’s the already established Mito and family-sized Giulietta. The future though is in a state of flux. Obviously there will be new cars but what and, indeed, when? These are the questions that Alfa Romeo disciples the world over want the answers to.

One car that really matters for the important mid-sized saloon market is the Giulia, (Pictured then and now) a stunning new 3 Series rival. This is the planned replacement for the 159 - possibly one of the best designs ever - and it was scheduled for production in 2014. The latest rumour though is that it has been put back until the following year. Maybe they will bring it forward again.

The quirky and successful Mito, fitting comfortably into the sector for small hatchbacks will continue as will the Giulietta although both cars will be refreshed. The 2014 model Mito will come in four flavours - Sprint, Distinctive, Sportiva and the range-topping Quadrifoglio Verde. All Alfa’s look better with that green Cloverleaf. Buyers can choose between three petrol and two diesel engines including a new turbo-charged TwinAir. The larger car will be similarly specified.

Alfa Romeo have big plans. There will be a roadster (hopefully resurrecting the ‘Spider’ name) in 2015 - although we may see it at next year’s motor shows - and a large saloon. Additionally, word is that, in keeping with popular trends, a ‘crossover’ and both a mid-sized and a large SUV are on the cards. The last time we saw anything like that from AR was in 2003 with the ‘Kamal’ concept.

Arguably, the most important model as far as the company is concerned will be the planned big saloon. Just now the German brands pretty much have this market to themselves and a beautifully designed Italian car is just what’s needed to shake that sector up. Originally a version of the hugely desirable Ghibli from sister company Maserati was planned but this idea is being reviewed. We’ll just have to wait and see.

The future for Alfa Romeo then looks promising but it doesn’t really help us now. For performance car enthusiasts the 4C is the answer to everything you ever dreamed of and for the supermini fans and small families the two hatchbacks certainly fit the bill. Obviously there’s still a good choice. As mentioned above the three cars form the basis but with model variants the choice goes up to about ten, each with its own characteristics; so really there’s still something for everyone until we see what 2014 finally has in store.

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