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Stock Car Racing Topics:  Doug Brown


Keith Vercauteren
Mid American Stock Car Series
October 7, 2006

October 7, 2006; West Salem, WI -- In the closing race of the 2006 season, Doug Brown from Savage, MN charged into the lead on lap 15 and held on to win the 35-lap Mid-American Stock Car Series feature during the 37th Annual Oktoberfest Race Weekend at the LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway Saturday night. It was the first series appearance of the year for Brown, who races regularly at the Elko Speedway in Minnesota and has racked up nearly 100 wins in a variety of divisions during his career.

James Swan of Lake Geneva, WI wrapped up the 2006 series championship by competing in the event. Swan topped a list of over 100 different competitors who participated in series races in 2006. It is his second championship, with the first coming back during the 2001 season.

Kenny Joosten of Wonder Lake, IL used the pole starting position to take the lead at the start of the race. Brown moved up from the third starting spot past Ron Weyer of Richfield, WI to move into second on lap 2. Brown then began to move past Joosten on the outside on lap 4, but was interrupted by a yellow flag when Weyer spun and clobbered the wall between turns 1 and 2. Several cars scattered to avoid the wreck, but many spun and collided, including the cars of Mike Skaja, Cliff Adee, Kevin Damrow, Randy Coghlan and Jerry Wenzel. Wenzel, Skaja, Weyer and Coghlan were unable to continue.

Joosten stayed in front on the restart, while Johnny Senerchia of New Lenox, IL pulled up on Brown's bumper to give him a run for second. Meanwhile, fast qualifier Bobby Gutknecht of Oak Creek, WI charged through the field from the fourteenth starting spot to move up to fourth on lap 7. By lap 12, Gutknecht began to put the pressure on Senerchia, allowing Brown to go after Joosten.

Brown took a look to the outside of Joosten on lap 13, but couldn't make the pass stick. On the following lap, however, Brown again went to the high side to take the lead on the front stretch. Senerchia followed through past Joosten to move into second on the following lap, with Gutknecht moving into third on lap 17.

Brown expertly guided his car through lapped traffic for the rest of the race to fend off the challenges of Senerchia, who had his hands full as Gutknecht mounted a charge late in the race, but had to settle for third. Jeremy Spoonmore of Somonauk, IL took fourth with Swan finishing in the fifth. Rookie-of-the-Year Jake Finney of Sycamore, IL rounded out the top six.

"We were slipping and sliding towards the end," Brown stated after the race. "I'm just glad to hold onto the win. It's awesome to win at Oktoberfest. I love it!"

Jerry Wenzel of Two Rivers, WI won the 15-lap last chance race, while 10-lap heat races were claimed by Billy Tuckwell of Peoria, IL , Wenzel, Brown and Justin Neisius of Eagan, MN. Gutknecht topped qualifications with a time of 20.732 seconds.

For more information, visit the series website at www.midamericanracing.com

35-lap feature: 1. Doug Brown, Savage, MN; 2. Johnny Senerchia, New Lenox, IL; 3. Bobby Gutknecht, Oak Creek, WI; 4. Jeremy Spoonmore, Somonauk, IL; 5. James Swan, Lake Geneva, WI; 6. Jake Finney,
Sycamore, IL; 7. Kenny Joosten, Wonder Lake, IL; 8. Justin Neisius, Eagan, MN; 9. Nick Murgic, Rosemount, MN; 10. Kevin Lutz, Lakeville, MN; 11. Paul Neisius, Hastings, MN; 12. Scott Null, Lake Mills, WI; 13. Tom Kamish, Elko, MN; 14. Andrew Kulka, Deerfield, WI ; 15. Cliff Adee, Gilberts, IL; 16. Jim Thorson, Sugar Grove, IL; 17. Jeff Tisler, Reedsville, WI; 18. Billy Tuckwell, Peoria, IL; 19. George Schultz, Bristol, WI; 20. Lyle Nowak, Wausau, WI ; 21. Kevin Damrow, Manitowoc, WI; 22. Shawn Utphall, Racine, WI; 23. Kevin Lee, Cedar Rapids, IA ; 24. Ron Weyer, Richfield, WI; 25. Jerry Wenzel, Two Rivers, WI; 26. Randy Coghlan, Toddville, IA; 27. Mike Skaja, New Prague, MN; 28. Ryan Rose, Burnsville, MN

15-lap last chance: 1. Wenzel; 2. P. Neisius; 3. Null; 4. Coghlan; 5. Utphall; 6. Skaja; 7. Adee; 8. Tisler; 9. Tuckwell; 10. Damrow; 11. Mel Shappert, Cedar Rapids, IA; 12. J.J. Meyer, Cedar Rapids, IA; 13. Dave Obermeyer, Allenton, WI; 14. Monte Strouf, Menchalville, WI; 15. Dick Behrendt, Ingleside, IL

10 lap heats:
First: 1. Tuckewell; 2. Nowak; 3. Damrow; 4. Obermeyer; 5. Strouf; 6. Shappert; 7. Tisler; 8. Lee; 9. Behrendt
Second: 1. Wenzel; 2. Coghlan; 3. P. Niesius: 4. Utphall; 5. Skaja; 6. Null; 7. Kulka; 8. Adee;
Third: 1. Brown; 2. Kamish; 3. Joosten; 4. Weyer; 5. Senerchia; 6. Finney; 7. Spoonmore; 8. Thorson
Fourth: 1. J. Neisius; 2. Murgic; 3. Lutz; 4. Gutknecht; 5. Schultz; 6. Swan; 7. Rose

Fast Time: Gutknecht (20.732 seconds)

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