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Frank Bruneel

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Frank Bruneel

Senator Steve Symms
Congressional Record
January 31, 1989

Mr. SYMMS. Mr. President, Frank Bruneel is a successful businessman, husband, and father. The owner of 11 retail tire stores, 2 retread shops, and 1 main warehouse, Bruneel cares about small business and is the chairman of the Idaho Employers Council. He is also a strong member of the Lewiston community, having been a past member and chairman of both the Lewiston School Board and the Lewiston Planning and Zoning Committee.

Bruneel was born and raised in Boise, ID. He and his wife Sharon have 8 children and 13 grandchildren. After moving to Lewiston, he started his first business there in 1966. Bruneel is active in his chosen religion and has held leadership positions in his congregation.

I am proud to count Frank among my friends and was delighted to see the Lewiston Tribune run a feature article on Frank's accomplishments. This newspaper story highlights many of the reasons behind Frank's successes and I ask to have it printed in the Record.

The article follows:

From the Lewiston Tribune, Oct. 16, 1988


A Dozen Questions for Frank Bruneel, Owner of Bruneel Tire & Auto Service Center

Full name: Frank C. Bruneel.

Birth date and place: May 4, 1935, Boise.

Marital status/family: Married: Sharon; eight chldren, Debra, Lezlie, Vanessa, Craig, Frank, Suzanne, Alison and Zachary.

Education: Graduated Boise Senior High School--1955.

Current employment: Bruneel Tire & Auto Service Center.

Residence: Lewiston.

Responsibilities: Maintain a stable business with satisfied customers and provide growth opportunities for our employees.

Hobbies/outside interests: Working outside at home, skiing, helping my kids achieve their goals.

Goals: Be a good husband and father and raise a family of self-reliant children. Keep in reasonably good physical condition.

Q. 1. Since you decided against trying for another term on the Lewiston School Board, have you considered running for any other elected office?

A. I may in the future, consider running for an office if I am qualified and can manage the time in my personal affairs to do so.

Q. 2. Recognizing that hindsight is always 20-20, would you have voted for or against the school board's decision to run the recent school levy as a permanent one?

A. I would have voted against the levy. I do not believe that the Legislature will have the incentive to fund education adequately as long as districts continue to `Band-aid' the funding process with increased taxes on property owners. I favor broadening of the existing sales tax to allow increased tourism and out-of-state money to help fund our education needs.

Q. 3. While you were serving on the school board, did you feel the Lewiston Tribune covered education at Lewiston fairly and completely?

A. Generally yes, but the Tribune appears to be harsh toward the school board and its position at times. Until you've sat in the seat you don't have full view of all the facts involved.

Q. 4. If your best friend were shopping for tires for his car, would you recommend retreads or new tires?

A. It would depend on which of my friends it is and his or her driving habits, type of vehicle and the funds available. I am a strong proponent of retreads.

Q. 5. Do you have any hidden talents?

A. I am a good cow milker.

Q. 6. In 1986, you were selected as Idaho's nominee for a national small business person's award. What kind of business motto do you work by that you can credit with your success at Bruneel Tires?

A. `We Go the Extra Mile.' We hope we treat people honestly and fulfill a need they have, with service and products of value. A business transaction has to be good for both or all parties involved.

Q. 7. With stores in several towns, including a new one opened in the last couple of years at Pullman and the downtown Lewiston store's move to new quarters, Bruneel Tire seems to be enjoying a business boom. Is there any more expansion in store for the business in the next couple years?

A. Yes, we intend to grow in areas that we feel have potential for us and our people.

Q. 8. What are some of the best things about living in the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley?

A. The size of the community and geography of the area. It's great to go to the airport, barbershop, bank, Post Office, City Hall, shopping, doctor,--all within 10 minutes of home.

Q. 9. What are some of the worst things?

A. The political balance of the area. I'd like to see a more balanced party split. I don't believe we have the best or most responsive government when it is so one-sided, be it Republican or Democrat. A one-sided Republican county gets no better candidates than the way we are here. We need good capable leaders to manage our government today as much as ever.

Q. 10. As a former school board member, what do you think about non-traditional school years such as a year-round school year or alternate full days for kindergarteners?

A. I am not a big supporter of kindergarten although I think it is important to be available as a parental choice. I favor the present school year. As a parent, I want my kids to work for their own welfare and to have various work and education experiences. I feel that this can best be accomplished within the traditional school year. As parents, we need time to raise our kids ourselves, to teach them correct values and morals. That is our job--not the school's job.

Q. 11. Did you ever consider any such ideas for Lewiston?

A. No.

Q. 12. As a member of the Lewiston business community, do you agree or disagree with the programs of the Port City Action Corp. and the Main Street program?

A. They may be good for downtown--but time will tell. It is hard to make water run uphill. The downtown area has lost some opportunities in the past. I am not for propping up a plan with `free' tax dollars if the program will not carry itself. I would suggest pooling local funds to provide very low cost or no-charge rent to Fred Meyer or similar stores, and provide 500 car parking. Then all downtown benefits. The Anchor tenant would make money and so would the rest of town as property values would increase rather than decrease.

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