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The New York Times
January 11, 1910

Simplex Automobile Company.

The Simplex Automobile Company, maker of the famous "Made in New York City" Simplex, exhibits two 50 horse power models, the chassis of which are duplicates of the cars that won the National Stock Chassis race at Lowell, Mass. and the twenty-four-hour race at Brighton Beach last season. These are fitted with handsome touring and limousine bodies, in addition to which a 90 horse power chassis of the type that won the last Fairmount Park road race will be displayed.

For 1910 the Simplex has practically the same chassis as last year, but with a few refinements and improvements. The motor is four-cylinder, vertical, 5¾-inch bore and 5¾-inch stroke, cylinders of gunmetal and cast in pairs, jackets so arranged as to have all parts surrounded by water. Ignition is Bosch high-tension, with hand advance and retard on steering wheel. Radiator is of the honeycomb square tube type and water is circulated by centrifugal pump. Perfect mixture is obtained by the Simplex water-jacketed carbureter. The clutch, made up of 67 steel and bronze disks, is most efficient; drive is by double chain; transmission has four speeds direct on high and is the selective type.

Times Square Automobile Company.

An interesting exhibit of automobiles is now being displayed at the showrooms of the Times Square Automobile Company, 215 and 217 West Forty-eighth Street. Each car is easily accessible, and is shown in a good, bright light, so that minute inspection is possible. These are slightly used cars of all the most reliable makes at prices to suit the need of every prospective purchaser. Every type of motor car is represented from the small runabout to the great sightseeing 'bus, including one, two, four, and six cylinder models and all motive powers, whether gasoline, electric, or steam propelled vehicles. All of these cars have been thoroughly overhauled and inspected by experienced mechanics, and are guaranteed to be as represented, and this guarantee is backed by the sterling reputation of this firm, which is the largest in the world dealing in new and second-hand cars.

Corbin Motor Vehicle Corporation.

The Corbin Motor Vehicle Corporation displays this year four finished cars and a polished chassis. Touring car, baby tonneau, roadster, and limousine bodies are set on one type of chassis, 120-inch wheel base and 30 horse power motor. A first glance at the chassis shows the improved inset channel section frame that has gained great favor among the leading American and foreign manufacturers this year. This frame is raised in the rear, allowing three-quarter elliptic springs to be used with assurance of combining beauty of design with the easy riding qualities obtained by this type of spring. A fawn colored baby tonneau, with a very snappy designed body finished in tan upholstery, is perhaps the striking car in this exhibit. Spare tires are carried on very strong double-tire irons and attached directly in the rear, tan tire covers being used. A heavy tan top, fitting like a glove, adds the finishing touch to an extremely handsome car.

The roadster is designed to allow plenty of space between front and rear seats. The rear seats are removable and separate; only a few minutes being necessary to change them. The color design is black with red panels, and shows careful and excellent finish. Like the baby tonneau, spare tires are carried at the rear.

The Oldsmobile Exhibit.

"The Car Luxurious and the Car of Mechanical Efficiency is the double phrase that happily and best describes the Oldsmobile Special and the Oldsmobile Limited models, which will be exhibited by us in the Fourth Avenue end of the first balcony or elevated platform in Madison Square Garden," said Gen. John T. Cutting of the Oldsmobile Company of New York, "and the piece de resistance of our exhibit will be the superb polished chassis of the six-cylinder 60 horse power Limited Oldsmobile, with natural wood finish wheels of jinrikisha size, fitted with tires 42 inches in diameter and 4½ inches in cross section, the biggest in the show, and which we, the leaders in the big-tire movement, have used successfully for two years.

"If the torpedo body, with its high sides and double set of doors, which make for comfort, that will be revealed for the first time at the show, in all its glory, is to be hailed as a foreign novelty, then that must be regarded as an erroneous statement, for we have fitted side doors to the front seats of our Oldsmobiles for the past four years, which shows that it was not a passing fad with us.

The Bailey "Won't Slip" Tire.

There is interesting history back of the Bailey "Won't Slip" Tread style of automobile tire, manufactured exclusively by The Diamond Rubber Company and some of the other principal tire concerns, as licensees, under patents owned by C. J. Bailey, a rubber manufacturer of Boston. The original idea for this tire, the tread of which presents to the street a constant succession of rough knobs of rubber of certain peculiar shape, was developed from a rubber tip, invented for use on crutches a number of years ago by Mr. Bailey, who is one of the pioneers in rubber merchandising in New England. The patents have been extended to cover tires of every type and what is known as the Bailey "Won't Slip" Tread the Diamond tire concern is now applying to motorcycle and bicycle tires as well as automobile equipment.

A. A. A. Meetings This Week.

During the present week the following meetings will be held at National Headquarters, 437 Fifth Avenue, unless otherwise indicated:

Tuesday, Jan. 11, 10 A. M.—A. A. A. Executive Committee monthly meeting, President Lewis R. Spear, presiding.
Wednesday, Jan. 12, 11 A. M.—Legislative Board, Chairman Charles Thaddeus Terry presiding.
Thursday, Jan. 13, 10 A. M.—Directors' Meeting, New York State Automobile Association, President H. A. Meldrum presiding. To be held at Hotel Belmont.
Thursday, Jan. 13, 2 P. M.—Touring Information Board, Powell Evans, Chairman, presiding.
Friday, Jan. 14, 10 A. M.—Second annual reunion A. A. A. State and Club Secretaries, Frederick H. Elliott, Secretary, presiding, luncheon at 1 o'clock.

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