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100th Anniversary of Sinclair Oil Corporation

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100th Anniversary of Sinclair Oil Corporation

Senator John Barrasso
Congressional Record: 114th Congress
14 July 2016

Mr. BARRASSO. Mr. President, today I wish to congratulate Sinclair Oil on its 100th anniversary of operations. Based in Wyoming, Sinclair Oil is one of the largest privately held, vertically integrated oil companies in America.

Sinclair Oil and Refining Corporation was founded in 1916 by Harry Ford Sinclair. Under his leadership, Sinclair opened America's first modern service stations in the 1920s. These stations offered gasoline, oil changes, car repairs, and, for the first time, public restrooms. With the establishment of this network of full service gasoline stations, Americans were finally able to experience what drivers have for nearly a century referred to as ``the long road trip.''

In the 1930s, the world suffered through the Great Depression. Sinclair Oil continued to operate during those tough times, expanding its national operations by acquiring dying competitors, and, more importantly, protecting hundreds of jobs at a time when employment was scarce. By 1935, the company had 20,000 employees, 8,100 company-owned or leased service stations, and 14,000 miles of pipelines.

It was also during this time that Sinclair introduced Dino the Dinosaur as the company's mascot and logo. Dino remains the face of Sinclair Oil and is one of America's best known oil industry mascots.

Following the retirement of Mr. Sinclair in 1948, the company continued to operate under various ownership groups until 1976, when Earl Holding purchased the company's assets. Earl Holding, like Harry Ford Sinclair, was a self-made man. As was the case of many in his generation, Mr. Holding grew up with nothing during the Great Depression. He learned early on that hard work and dedication to one's goals was the path to success.

Earl Holding's long business career began in 1952 when he and his wife, Carol, invested in a motel and service station called Little America. Located in a remote area along what is now I-80 in Wyoming, the Holdings took 2 years to turn their single operation to profitability. They fell in love with Wyoming and the people they met, and it is where they raised their three children, Anne, Kathleen, and Stephen. With their business successful, they began building the Little America chain of hotels and gas stations that exist throughout the West today. Just prior to the Holding's purchase of Sinclair Oil in 1976, Little America became Sinclair Oil's biggest customer.

Today Sinclair Oil remains a vital player in providing American drivers with quality gasoline. Incorporated in Wyoming, the company owns refineries in Casper and Sinclair, WY. There are more than 1,300 Sinclair-branded stations located in 24 States. The company markets high-quality products, including DINOCARETM TOP TIERTM Gasoline through a network of 400 distributors. Sinclair also operates a network of pipelines and terminals in the Rocky Mountain and midcontinent regions, and the company continues to invest in its workers and operations to insure reliable and affordable products for generations to come.

When Earl Holding passed away in 2013, Wyoming lost a remarkable individual. His love of family and community, and his commitment to hard work and pursuing one's dreams, led him to a life of tremendous success and fulfillment.

We are fortunate that his legacy continues through the Holding family businesses, particularly Sinclair Oil. Headed by current CEO and chairman of the board, Ross Matthews, the Holding family remains intimately involved in the company's activities, and the values Earl and Carol Holding lived their working lives by are still reflected in Sinclair Oil's company vision: Love of Country, Care for People, Commitment to Safety.

I invite all members of the Senate to join me in celebrating the 100- year anniversary of a truly American company, Sinclair Oil, and wishing the company, its employees, and the Holding family much success in the future.

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