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Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) 21--Dorchester County, South Carolina; Notification of Proposed Production Activity; Volvo Car US Operations, Inc. (Motor Vehicles and Related Parts); Ridgeville, South Carolina

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Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) 21--Dorchester County, South Carolina; Notification of Proposed Production Activity; Volvo Car US Operations, Inc. (Motor Vehicles and Related Parts); Ridgeville, South Carolina

Andrew McGilvray
Department of Commerce
27 September 2016

[Federal Register Volume 81, Number 187 (Tuesday, September 27, 2016)]
[Pages 66257-66259]
From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office [www.gpo.gov]
[FR Doc No: 2016-23303]



Foreign-Trade Zones Board


Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) 21--Dorchester County, South Carolina; 
Notification of Proposed Production Activity; Volvo Car US Operations, 
Inc. (Motor Vehicles and Related Parts); Ridgeville, South Carolina

    Volvo Car US Operations, Inc. (Volvo) submitted a notification of 
proposed production activity to the FTZ Board for its facility in 
Ridgeville, South Carolina. The notification conforming to the 
requirements of the regulations of the FTZ Board (15 CFR 400.22) was 
received on September 9, 2016.
    A separate application by the South Carolina State Ports Authority, 
grantee of FTZ 21, for subzone designation at the Volvo facility will 
be submitted and processed under Section 400.31 of the Board's 
regulations. The facility is currently under construction and will be 
used for the production of motor vehicles and related parts. Pursuant 
to 15 CFR 400.14(b), FTZ activity would be limited to the specific 
foreign-status materials and components and specific finished products 
described in the submitted notification (as described below) and 
subsequently authorized by the FTZ Board.
    Production under FTZ procedures could exempt Volvo from customs 
duty payments on the foreign-status components used in export 
production. On its domestic sales, Volvo would be able to choose the 
duty rates during customs entry procedures that apply to passenger 
motor vehicles, lithium-ion batteries for passenger motor vehicles, 
passenger motor vehicle bodies and stamped motor vehicle body parts 
(duty rates range between 2.5% and 3.4%) for the foreign-status inputs 
noted below. Customs duties also could possibly be deferred or reduced 
on foreign-status production equipment.
    The components and materials sourced from abroad include: First aid 
kits; acrylic/vinyl paints; adhesives; polyurethane profile shapes/
seals/plates/sheets/film; acoustic foams; foam absorbers; plastic 
mountings/locks/knob handles/o-rings/cable ties/clamps/clips/cushions/
emblems/nuts/plates/retainers/rivets/tubing/door lock parts; rubber 
tire sealants/threads/cords/plates/sheets/strip/gaskets/hoses/air 
filter ducts/tubes/belts/tires/mats/o-rings/seals/mouldings/absorbers/
cushions/rings/bellows//mounts/rods/bushings; upholstery leather; 
leather cases/bags; felt paper and paperboards; light-weight coated 
paper; cardboard boxes; printed books/brochures/leaflets/manuals; felt 
strips; manmade fiber felt shapes; felt damping strips; netting of 
twines/ropes; manmade fiber twine, cordage, or rope nettings; nylon 
carpets; tufted other manmade textile carpets/mats; felt carpets; 
manmade fiber tufted and non-tufted carpets/mats; velcro straps; vent 
pads (polyester fleece); umbrellas; mineral wools; asbestos brake 
linings/pads; graphite or other carbon gaskets; glass; mirrors; sun 
visors; glass lenses; sound absorber/insulating articles of fiberglass; 
platinum catalysts; wood screws; steel butt weld fittings/flanges/gas 
containers; iron or steel coupling locks/wire/ropes/cables/roller 

[[Page 66258]]

studs/sockets/nuts/rivets/cotter pins/valves/keys/springs/hangers/
clamps/clips/gaskets/o-rings; copper and steel pipe; copper suppression 
band assemblies/o-rings/nuts/screws/earthing strap hinge hatch 
assemblies; aluminum plates/sheets/strips/foil/rivets/blinds/nuts/
exhaust gaskets/decals; wrenches; locks; blank keys; hinges; base metal 
gas springs/mountings/anchors/handles/braces/brackets/clips/locks/
clamps/flange seals/gaskets/o-rings/cradles/throttle caps/frames/guide 
rails/nuts/plates/spacers; internal combustion engines; diesel engines; 
engine blocks/caps/valves/plugs/rings/rods/cylinder heads; telescoping 
linear acting hydraulic cylinders; linear acting cylinders; pumps (fuel 
injection, engine oil, transmission and coolant); brake fluid 
reservoirs; air conditioning (A/C) compressors; fan shrouds; vacuum 
pump inlet connectors; turbocharger pipes; heating ventilation air 
conditioning (HVAC) units; air conditioner parts; HVAC heat exchangers; 
oil coolers; oil filters; motor vehicle A/C accumulators; engine air 
filters; catalytic converters; filters; air filter inlets/housings/
covers; fire extinguishers; washer fluid nozzles/reservoirs; jacks; 
winches; trunk lid spindle drives; cranks; USB hubs; dynamic stability 
or variable damper control devices; auxiliary air valves; solenoid 
valves; throttle housing/thermostat valves; plastic drain cocks; engine 
cooling system housings/thermostats; valve bodies and related parts; 
fuel injector valve parts; bearings; speedometer cables; crankshafts; 
camshafts; bearings; flywheels; engine belt tensioners; automatic 
transmission flexplates; carburetor repair kits; engine support mounts; 
liquid filled engine mounts; wiper motors; mirror drive units; wiper 
motors; electric motors; alternators; parts of fuel pumps; electric 
converters; electric chargers; power supplies; inductors; flexible 
permanent magnets; clutches with solenoid actuators; solenoids; lithium 
manganese dioxide batteries; primary batteries; lead-acid batteries; 
electric storage batteries; lithium-ion batteries/cell module parts; 
vacuum cleaners; spark plugs; starter motors; glow plugs; air 
conditioning generators/distributors/covers/traps; lights; reflectors; 
electric signals; motor vehicle horns; siren sensors; windshield wiper 
systems; headlight frames/inserts/mountings; baffles; control units; 
headlights; wiper arms; lamps; heater assemblies; electric heaters; 
seat cushion heaters; air inlets for intake air filters; cellular/
wireless telephones; telematic infotainment head units and control 
modules; telematics assemblies; global positioning system (GPS) 
assemblies; microphones; loudspeakers; earphone module assemblies; 
amplifiers; speakers; speaker parts; CD changers/players; TV modules/
assemblies; DVD ROMs; cameras; forward looking radar sensors; radio 
navigation equipment; radio remote controls; radios; tape players; CD 
players; video monitors; monitor assemblies; antennas; TV tuner 
modules; signal modules; active sound display modules; remote control 
key shells/covers; alarm systems; electromagnetic interference filter 
assemblies; suppression filter assemblies; electrical resistors and 
related parts; power units/sensors; spark plug connectors; fuses; 
cables; grounds; relays; switches; lamp holders; connectors; elbows; 
connectors/boxes terminals; control switches; housings for electrical/
fuse boxes; bulbs; lamps; electrical filaments; parts of electrical 
filaments/lamps; light emitting diodes; diode parts; integrated 
circuits; cable harnesses; electric cables; harness cables; optic fiber 
cables; ignition lead holders; insulating fittings; trunk lid noise 
suppression filters; chassis fitted with engines; motor vehicle bodies; 
bumper covers/frames/grills/panels/rails/trims; door assemblies/shells/
panels/guides/frames; dashboard assemblies; bracket assemblies; door 
lock rods; cross members; lower arms; panel supports; cargo partitions; 
brake drums/rotors/discs/pads/shoes/calipers/covers/shields; gear 
boxes; oil sumps; axles; shafts; aluminum wheels; steel wheels; wheel 
cap rings; shock absorbers; suspension anti-roll bars/baffles/struts/
control arms/frames/springs/knobs/levers/supports/arms/knuckles/
rollers; radiators and related parts; mufflers; exhaust pipes; clutches 
and related parts; steering wheels/columns/boxes; airbag modules; 
shafts; gear selectors; cables; carriers; flanges; knobs; sleeves; oil 
dipstick tubes; gear shifts; absorbers; air ducts/guides/inlets/
shields/vents; anchors; battery boxes/casings/components/covers/
shelves/trays; cables; brake pedals; brake lines; differential 
carriers; casings; textile child seat protector covers; plastic child 
seat protector covers; clutch pedals/assemblies; drive shafts; pedals; 
coolant pipes/coils; engine covers; textile sun shade curtains; plastic 
sun shade curtains; tow bars/hitches/hooks; dipsticks; drain plugs; 
engine casings/coolant pipes/feed lines/caps; plastic/aluminum/rubber 
floor mats; fuel feed lines/pipes/fillers/caps/hoses/housing filters/
shields/rails/tanks/hoses; heat shields; hitches; manmade fiber cargo 
nets; pedal pads; lenses; signals; optical night vision camera; 
temperature sensors; fuel sensors/gauges; HVAC sensors; air flow 
sensors; gas temperature sensors; gas pressure sensors; oxygen sensors; 
exhaust sensors; night vision modules; sensor parts; instrument 
clusters; heads up display modules; instrument cluster parts; battery 
sensors; accelerometers; sensor rods; power take off (PTO) control 
units; voltage regulators/control units; dashboard clocks; seat sliding 
blocks; leather seats/arm rests/head rests and related parts; textile 
seats/arm rests/head rests and related parts; plastic seats/arm rests/
head rests and related parts; textile child safety seat covers; 
illuminated signs; zipper sliders/zipper fasteners; and, cigarette 
lighters (duty rates range from duty-free to 12.5%).
    The following foreign-sourced materials/components will be admitted 
to the proposed subzone in privileged foreign status (19 CFR 146.41), 
thereby precluding inverted tariff benefits on such items: felt strips 
(HTSUS 5602.10); manmade fiber felt shapes (HTSUS 5602.90); felt 
damping strips (HTSUS 5602.90); netting of twines or ropes (HTSUS 
5608.19); manmade fiber twine/cordage/rope nettings (HTSUS 5608.90); 
nylon carpets (HTSUS 5703.20); tufted other manmade textile carpets/
mats (HTSUS 5703.30); felt carpets (HTSUS 5704.90); manmade fiber 
tufted and non-tufted carpets/mats (HTSUS 5705.00); velcro straps 
(HTSUS 5806.10); vent pads (polyester fleece) (HTSUS 5911.90); textile 
child seat protector covers (HTSUS 8708.99); textile sun shade curtains 
(HTSUS 8708.99); manmade fiber cargo nets (HTSUS 8708.99); textile 
seats/arm rests/head rests and related parts (HTSUS 9401.90); and, 
textile child safety seat covers (HTSUS 9401.90).
    Public comment is invited from interested parties. Submissions 
shall be addressed to the FTZ Board's Executive Secretary at the 
address below. The closing period for their receipt is November 7, 
    A copy of the notification will be available for public inspection 
at the Office of the Executive Secretary, Foreign-Trade Zones Board, 
Room 21013, U.S. Department of Commerce, 1401 Constitution Avenue NW., 
Washington, DC 20230-0002, and in the ``Reading Room'' section of the 
FTZ Board's Web site which is accessible via www.trade.gov/ftz.
    For further information, contact Diane Finver at 
Diane.Finver@trade.gov or (202) 482-1367.

[[Page 66259]]

    Dated: September 20, 2016.
Andrew McGilvray,
Executive Secretary.
[FR Doc. 2016-23303 Filed 9-26-16; 8:45 am]

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