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Who Else Wants To Be An Automobile Designer

Who Else Wants To Be An Automobile Designer

Scooter Davis
10 January 2013

Experts agree on general tips for those who would like to become designers of automobiles. If you are interested in having a career in car design, these guidelines will be uselful.

The world of auto design has become more and more open source. There is so much input coming in from so many sources that it is now difficult to credit Europe or the United States for car designs, as has been done in the past. As a designer of the future, you must look to an open array of resources. The focus is no longer on a few elite places, but has spread. For example, the schools in China are now teaching effective transportation design. Manufacturing has become global so todays world of design is literaly international.

As usual, teams are a very important nucleus of auto design. A young graduate will need to spend time as part of an effective team and learn the basic and more complex interactions that form a functional, dynamic design team. It is worth noting that young designers are often creative people and that can mean they are also prone to self oriented work. While that attitude can be a natural source of creativity, it can also get in the way of teamwork. Balance is needed in order to find the best output of the whole team. An understanding of this synergistic approach is helpful.

Like other pursuits, projects are seldom done by only one person. A major effort to move a project from start to finish will always involve groups of people. Learning to work with others as a contributor will help you get the successes you need while also setting your work apart as your personal portfolio.

One important part of a designers job is to sell the idea. If you believe in your design, you must then prove it. Show it in many forms. Show it's practicality, it's dynamic look, it's sustainability, and as many other uses as possible. Presenting a design for a automobile is much like pitching a movie story idea, or a magazine article concept. You must show it in a way that is compelling, and useful, as a complimentary contribution.

Not doing is important. What you do not do is often just as important as what you do. Your design will not please all people. You should not try to make it cover all aspects of the auto world. Keep it specific and let go of all else.

Once you have built a model of your design, you can see and feel the physical reality of the concept. Now things will take on new meaning as you perceive the design in a new light. You will continue working with it to make it as you had invisioned, or can modify your vision as the creative process kicks in.

As an auto designer, you will need to have a working knowledge of various aspects of automobiles. Engineering, past successes and failures, social and economic inputs, design, materials, future predictions, and cost. These considerations will help you as a young designer, on your way to a rewarding career.

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