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The New Jeep: Drivers' Dream Adventure Ride

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The New Jeep: Drivers' Dream Adventure Ride

Rina Rosewood
8 January 2013

Very few vehicles can boast of a storied history and an enduring popularity across several generations. On one hand, you've got popular culture staples Ford Mustang and the classic Volkswagen Beetle which have a wide fan base. And then on the other hand, you've got the Jeep that has captured the imagination and hearts of several generations, from World War veterans to those who are passionate about the outdoor lifestyle. Variations of this iconic vehicle have come out of the market through the years, each harking back to the functionality and sturdiness of the original model. The impressive performance of the original model serves as the benchmark of the new Jeep. Enthusiasts will appreciate the fact that despite several improvements made to the new models, the Jeep is still essentially a workhorse.

The original Jeep has been recognised by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) as one of the perfect examples of functionalist design. Considered by historians and enthusiasts as the first off-road and sports utility vehicle, the Jeep was first introduced during the Second World War to answer the demand of the military for a lightweight reconnaissance vehicle that can perform in a variety of terrains.

Post WWII, the Jeep was modified and used by the military in the Vietnam War. At just about the same time, car manufacturers from around the globe found inspiration from the Jeep's utilitarian design. In some countries, surplus Jeeps from the military were converted into a public transport vehicle by lengthening and widening the original base model.

Then and now, the Jeep has had that rugged appeal, paving the way for mixed reactions from car enthusiasts. For one, it is neither sporty like the Mustang, nor is it cute like the Beetle. Owing to its original use, the iconic vehicle is about individuality and exploring the outdoors. What it lacks in charm, it compensates for with performance and durability. Because it is a 4x4 vehicle, it can easily manoeuvre any terrain. Driving through mud, snow, sand or city streets is a breeze with this vehicle. Its height offers greater visibility compared to other SUVs out in the market. Spare parts are readily available plus its durability makes it a worthy investment.

If you are looking for a vehicle with an illustrious history, if you put more weight on performance over aesthetics, and if you yearn for a sense of adventure, then you can never go wrong with a Jeep.

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