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Vehicles For Disabled: Offering Persons With Disabilities The Gift Of Mobility

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Vehicles For Disabled: Offering Persons With Disabilities The Gift Of Mobility

Jessie Garfield
4 January 2013

When you are traveling with family members with disabilities, whether you are traveling long distances for a vacation or just a quick trip to the local mall, special considerations have to be made to ensure their comfort and safety. For these reasons, not just any vehicle will do. If you do not want your differently-abled family member to miss out on the joys of traveling, it is worthwhile to know that there is a variety of vehicles for disabled that you can choose from.

In the past, there were few options for transporting people with disabilities. Either they had to be left out or the family had to spend a massive amount to convert a regular vehicle for the purpose of transporting the disabled family member. Even public transport vehicles such as buses and taxis provided few concessions for persons with disabilities.

Through the years, special attention has been given to persons with disabilities in terms of accessibility. Public transport operators have given consideration to the needs of the disabled while manufacturers have given families with disabled family members a wide range of choices.

Importers have been getting cars and trucks from Asia because of their quality and their relatively lower price compared to their European and American counterparts. Japanese cars have been a staple in the car culture around the globe because they can be easily modified in terms of appearance and performance. Another plus factor for getting vehicles is the availability of spare parts at lower prices because importers can get bulk used parts.

If you are shopping around for a vehicle for a disabled family member, the first consideration is the size of the vehicle which is dependent on your family's size. Another factor you should consider is the age of the family member with disability. A disabled family member below 12 years of age should take the rear seat. Children at this age can be injured or killed upon impact with an inflating airbag. Another thing to consider especially if your family frequently travels long distance is the allowance allocated for baggage and equipment. Finally, you should factor in the size of your differently-abled family member's wheelchair.

Vehicles for disabled come from an array of manufacturers. Plus, you can choose from a variety of base models which will suit your family's size and needs; from sedans to buses. Japanese vehicles for the disabled also come with a full range of conversions, from self-drive, driver and passenger swivel seats to rear access by ramp or elevator, drop-down step and stretcher-type.

Importers have been obtaining vehicles from Japan because of the quality along with their reasonably lower price compared.

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