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CarMaxx -- 10 Reasons To Buy Today And ONE To Make You Run Away!

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CarMaxx -- 10 Reasons To Buy Today And ONE To Make You Run Away!

Justin Reynold
5 May 2009

CarMaxx Auto Sales is most well known for their No Haggle Pricing, but they offer many more excellent benefits to their customers than just a fixed pricing model.

I have found that there are 10 great benefits of doing business with them and only one, but a big ONE, factor that may cause you to look elsewhere.

The key question here is does this one negative factor outweigh all of their benefits? It just may...

Let's start with the 10 reasons to buy today:

1) No Haggle Pricing.

Same price for everyone with no negotiating necessary.

2) CarMaxx Auto Finance.

When a dealership has their own source for financing, this can help customers with credit problems to get approved more easily.

This also gives CarMaxx Auto Finance the ability to offer special low rate financing to their more qualified buyers.

3) Huge Inventory.

You would be hard pressed to not find the vehicle you were looking for. They have over 90 locations and can have inventory shipped from store to store.

4) Huge Inventory of Vehicles Under 12,000 Dollars.

In addition to an overall large inventory, they specifically stock up on thousands of vehicles that can be sold for under 12,000 dollars.

This is great for customers wanting less expensive vehicles to buy for cash, or looking to keep their monthly payments low.

5) 125 (plus) Point Inspection.

I really like the way they inspect and recondition their vehicles. The 125 point inspection is by far one of the most comprehensive inspections I've heard of.

6) Free, 30 Day Limited Warranty.

Extra piece of mind for your new purchase. They definitely stand behind the vehicles they sell.

7) Clean Title Guarantee.

This protects you against:

* Flood title.
* Salvage title.
* Frame damaged vehicles.

8) Free Vehicle History Report.

With their thorough inspection process, they are definitely not scared to show you the full recorded history of the vehicle you are looking to buy, and it's Free!

9) Fixed Commissions.

CarMaxx pays their sales people the same (excludes CA) no matter what vehicle you decide to buy. This should eliminate a sales person from trying to force a vehicle on you that you may have no interest in buying.

This certainly makes the buying process less stressful and gives you more freedom to browse their inventory.

10) 5-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Very strong offering...Don't like it, then take it back. A guarantee like this drastically reduces any chance of you having buyers remorse after the sale.

Most dealerships do not offer any kind of return policy and once you sign the contract you are locked in...I hope you like your new car, because you may be driving it for awhile.

Those are some great benefits and I would have to say that you are working with a good dealership if they offer only half of those benefits, let alone all ten.

Kudos CarMaxx.

"After all of those great benefits why would anyone buy a car anywhere else?" You ask. Great question.

Simply put, the number one benefit of CarMaxx is also, in my opinion, their number ONE drawback.

Their "No Haggle Pricing" business model gives them a great angle for advertising to customers that dislike the negotiating aspect of buying a car, but certainly does not qualify them as the "Low Price Leader" of car sales.

Quite frankly, if I owned a dealership and had the mark up that I feel they have in their prices, then I wouldn't want customers to haggle over price either.

I have reviewed many of the vehicles that they have listed for sale on their website and found that there were no special discounts to speak of.

In fact, I found that some vehicles were priced for over the retail book value. Ouch!

I am personally a big fan of service over price and am willing to pay more for a quality product and top notch customer service, but I do have my financial limits.

Is CarMaxx for you?

That will depend on what you are looking to do.

If your goal is to get rock bottom price, then probably not. If your goal is to buy a good, well inspected/reconditioned vehicle and have as pleasant an experience as possible when buying a car, then they may be of great benefit to you.

However, I would suggest that you do some pricing research prior to buying and compare the CarMaxx price to that of their competitors with similar vehicles for sale.

Justin is the creator of http://www.insider-car-buying-tips.com and has nearly twelve years experience in the car business. To find out how much he estimates CarMaxx makes per sale view: => CarMaxx Profits, how much will a No Haggle deal cost you?

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