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UK Road Safety Quiz No 2

UK Road Safety Quiz No 2

Michael Ogden
11 October 2009

QUIZ NO 2 (Please circle the letter of your chosen answer. There is only one correct answer) We all think we are super drivers but are we? Have a go with this quiz and see how you score.

1. The Highway Code quotes that the shortest stopping distance from 70mph is: a. 53m(175ft). b. 96m(315ft). c. 73m(240ft). d. 152m(500ft).

2. You may use Hazard Warning Lights when stationary: a. To warn when your vehicle is temporarily obstructing traffic. b. For dangerous or illegal parking. c. When being towed. d. At any time you think fit.

3. The driver is responsible for ensuring seat belts are being used by: a. A child aged 14. b. An adult. c. A child aged 13. d. Your granny.

4. You must not drive with a blood alcohol level of more than: a. 60mg/80ml. b. 80mg/100ml. c. 100mg/120ml. d. 0mg/100ml.

5. When should you use a flash of your headlights: a. To let other road users know you are there. b. To intimidate other road users. c. To warn other road users know you are coming through a small space. d. To give way to other road users.

6. On a motorway, amber coloured studs indicate: a. The left hand edge of lane 1. b. The right hand edge of lane 3 or 4. c. The exit slip road. d. Lay-bys.

7. You may cross a double white line when the line nearest to you is solid only to: a. Overtake when seen to be safe to do so. b. Over take a pedal cycle, horse or road maintenance vehicle, if they aren travelling at 10 mph or less. c. Overtake if signalled to do so by a slower driver. d. Overtake any time during daylight hours.

8. What is the legal parking distance from a junction: a. 5m. b. 10m. c. 15m. d. No distance is laid down.

9. All vehicles must display parking lights during darkness when parked on a road (or lay-by on a road) with a speed limit greater than: a. 20mph. b. 30mph. c. 40mph. d. 60mph.

10. Which of the following vehicles are allowed to use the right hand lane of a motorway with 3 or more lanes: a. Any vehicle drawing a trailer. b. A goods vehicle with a maximum laden weight over 7.5 tonnes. c. A minibus carrying up to eight seated passengers in addition to the driver. d. A coach able to carry more than 8 seated passengers in addition to the driver.

11. You are driving on a very wet road with a great deal of surface water. What should you do if your vehicle starts aquaplaning? a. Brake. b. Increase your speed. c. Ease off the accelerator. d. Stop.

12. You have broken down on the hard shoulder of the motorway and manage to fix the problem. Before rejoining the main carriageway you should: a. Signal right and join the left hand lane as quickly as possible. b. Build up speed on the hard shoulder and watch for a safe gap in the traffic. c. Keep your hazard warning lights on until you are safely on the motorway. d. Turn your lights on and wait for a safe gap in the traffic.

13. As a driver you must not use rear fog lights unless: a. Another driver is tailgating you. b. Visibility is seriously reduced. c. The road is very badly lit. d. You are driving on an unlit country road.

14. You are driving in a built up area. There is a flashing amber signal below a school warning sign. What does this mean? a. There may be children messing around by the side of the road. b. There will be a school crossing patrol ahead. c. There may be children crossing the road ahead. d. Children may be hanging around an ice cream van.

15. You are following a large vehicle. Why should you apply as a minimum the 2 second rule? a. Large vehicles need less room to stop. b. In case your bonnet springs up. c. In case something falls off the lorry. d. So you can pull up safely if the large vehicle stops suddenly.

16. You have to turn right at a roundabout. When should you signal left? a. As soon as you leave the roundabout. b. After you have passed the exit before the one you want. c. You should avoid signalling left. d. Just before you leave the roundabout

17. You are towing a trailer and it starts to swerve or snake. You should: a. Increase your speed as quickly as possible. b. Tense your hands on the steering wheel and sit it out. c. Ease off the accelerator and reduce speed gently. d. Brake firmly.

18. You are driving at the legal speed limit when a vehicle comes up quickly behind you, flashing its headlights. You should: a. Dab your brakes to show you are not giving way. b. Maintain your speed to prevent the vehicle from overtaking. c. Permit the vehicle to overtake. d. Speed up to get away from the offending vehicle.

19. How should you check your brakes to make sure they work after driving through a large pool of water? a. Push hard on the brake pedal. b. Pump the brake pedal on and off. c. Apply the handbrake. d. Push gently on the footbrake.

20. What is the maximum penalty for causing death by careless driving under the influence of drink? a. 2 years imprisonment. b. 5 years imprisonment. c. 10 years imprisonment. d. 15 years imprisonment.

Please have some fun with this quiz and if you have not got 100%, we suggest you purchase a copy of the Highway Code and consider further training.

Answers QUIZ NO 2 1.b 2.a 3.c 4.b 5.a 6.b 7.b 8.b 9.b 10.c 11.c 12.b 13.b 14.c 15.d 16.b 17.c 18.c 19.d 20.c

Michael is a Distributor with Kleeneze, a UK Multi-Level Marketing Company, promoting household products via a catalogue. If you like travelling the world with someone else paying and doing it safely, please look at our website for further information http://www.vastincome.com

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