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A Former Buyer Spills The Beans On Shopping For A Used Car

A Former Buyer Spills The Beans On Shopping For A Used Car

Scooter Davis
31 December 2012

You might need to learn some things about buying a used car so that you are prepared to enter into the process with confidence. This article will help you understand the finer points of purchasing a pre owned vehicle. The fact that you have already started out by making the decision to purcahse used, is a good one. It is a great investment to do this and a preowned vehicle offers many advantages. You will find that cars only twelve to fourteen months old are a great deal of savings over brand new. Note- There are plenty of good reasons to buy new and we will cover them in future posts. For our purposes here, purchasing pre- owned vehicles can be a truly great use of your money.

Some other considerations are that with used cars you will most likely save money on insurance. Purchasing used can mean less to talk about during the negotiation process. You can trace the car's history easily. Used cars are a better breed in todays market, made better, longer lasting, and some have manufacturers warranties. With used, a better price can be arranged so shop around and try to get a monthly payment that is no more than 20% of your total paycheck.This will help you in the long run so that you don't get into a situation of having a bigger payment than you can afford.

There are also hidden costs such as county and state fees, taxes, insurance, service, and maintenance. Many cars are fairly reasonably priced at purchase but are expensive to own. Make your automobile decisions based on your real needs and not on what you are dreaming about. Consider your own experience with cars. Cargo needs, how many passengers will typically be in the car, what kind driving you will do most of the time?

Falling in love with a particular car is not a good idea. A car is a tool to use for your needs and if your goal is to save money with a practical purchase, dream cars usually don't fit. Your friends and family have likely set an unspoken parameter for what you should have, but there are probably many other options you might not have yet considered. Look for them.

One good idea is to make a focus list of three cars. Too many choices will be hard to juggle so keep the list size down. It is also a good idea to test drive the cars on your list the same day, as close together as possible. Make your test drive an actual simulation of your individual needs and imagine driving it regularly. Highway, in town, stops and starts , and make sure the seats fit your personal style for comfort.

These considerations will give you a good overview of buying a used car. Good luck, have a good time shopping, and enjoy your car, truck or SUV.

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