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Are You Driving The Result Of A Show Car?

Are You Driving The Result Of A Show Car?

Scooter Davis
28 December 2012

Dream cars and show cars catch the attention of auto fans every year. These are cars that were built for the purpose of showing new, innovative ways of designing, running, and adding to the automobiles we know and love.These show cars vary from the original models and are meant to feature ideas that don't usually get manufactured to the masses. A show car is a unique version of a more standard model.

These creative designs usually get categorized as one of two types One - an automobile that is for the purpose of being a real prototype. This will be like a public survey, to test the waters and see if there is an actual market for the design.Or,two- it might fall into the categorgy of a teaser promotion car. One that is about to be released for mass production but is yet to be revealed in full.

These cars usually go back to the drawing board for some features or the models offer options that can be added or taken away from specific orders. Either way, show cars, much like fashion designs, are bigger than life. They are painted with colors designed to grab attention and take the spotlight. A show car is an expensive, glammed up, temporary version of what is about to be manufactued for mainstream distribution.

The test cars often give designers just the proof they need to continue , change course, or scrap the whole idea. Most cars on the road today started as some version of a show car. This testing process is used extensively in other fields, such as fashion, mentioned above.

Successful auto designers are busy working right now on new models yet to be seen.These experts are not famous, but their designs are seen and often used worldwide. Many steps are required to build new designs that eventulally make it to production. This process is long and often difficult with much retooling and discussion by many highly trained workers. Show cars are seldom ever the standard, yet, they set the standard for all the cars seen on the roads today.

If you went back fifty years and only studied the show cars from each decade you would see a steady progression of the evolution of design. You could easily recognise the development of contour, style, size, and driveability. A fast speed video would show this progression as a logical sequence of the end result we experience today.

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