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Response to "Gordon more like Earnhardt than fans will admit"

Stock Car Racing Topics:  Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt

Response to "Gordon more like Earnhardt than fans will admit"

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
April 1, 2007

This article was written in response to the Associated Press article, "Gordon more like Earnhardt than fans will admit," published April 30, 2007.

I, too, would have to question the age of the author of this article. No matter how many truths there might be laced within the lines of this prose, the later part demonstrates the continued arrogance that all Hend(p)rick drivers bring to the track. Johnson is obviously assuming that all other drivers lack the intelligence and dilect to get a point across to NASCAR with the exception of Gordon; that everyone "would have laughed" if someone else had said it. With this sort of off-track arrogance, Hend(p)rick drivers wonder why they are so hated. Jeff is the only one who can accurately put words together to form a coherent sentence to speak for the drivers, Keebler Elf #2 gets angrier than an unfed titty baby and leaves the track to have WHO finish the race for him? That's right, Jr! When Jimmie started at the Cup level, he didn't whine, he didn't blame, he raced the hell out of that 48 car like there was no tomorrow. However, we have found that, a word I made up, "retardism" is, in fact, contagious. His mentor has taught him the art of whining and blaming quite well.

I admit, that Jr. isn't articulate and has to carefully choose his words. However, has anyone ever heard Mark Martin speak? A hillbilly from Arkansas who, in fact, is a great speaker, and driver advocate. It would also seem to me that Dale Jarrett must be able to relate to his fellow drivers or he wouldn't be gearing up for broadcasting as he has of late. Even the dreaded Tony Stewart got NASCAR's attention in 06 when he plainly said that drivers were going to get killed at Daytona if the sanctioning body didn't intervene. Not everything said to NASCAR needs to be sugar coated by a bunch of peter puffers who wear rainbow colors and claim to be intellectually superior to the other drivers. I'm thinking Johnson's last name fits him to a "T".

It's no secret that Gordon was a student of Dale Earnhardt. You silly bitches, we know this, Gordon gives credit to The Man constantly. To this, at least Gordon is recognizing who the master of super speedways was when he was still trying to grow pubic hair under his nose. So OF COURSE Gordon is going to be like Earnhardt in several ways. I'm comfortable admitting that as a Dale Earnhardt and Earnhardt Jr. fan as I am now in my late 30's admitting I was a closet Culture Club follower when I was a teenager. (Hey, he might have been scary to look at, but Boy George could sing!) However, regardless of this fact, it doesn't take away our right as a fan of NASCAR to hate, yes, hate, the Rainbow Homo...at least I have satisfaction in knowing who his sen sei was in the beginning.

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