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We've Come A Long Way In The Automotive Industry

We've Come A Long Way In The Automotive Industry

Scooter Davis
27 December 2012

Imagine you were in a time machine and traveled from the 1930's to the present day. The built in luxury in standard automobiles would astound you. Do you think things will evolve this much in the next eighty years? Look at what you would read from that day eight decades ago- We have come such a long way from the days of bumpy roads and rattling cars. Today's time-machine perspective shift would be something like the following-

There are a ton of reasons why you should purchase a new or used vehicle today. The line up of vehicles includes the exceptional gas saving models as well as the spirited coupes and represents the top-notch quality modern brands have become known for and which is apparent when looking at these automobiles. Today in this consumer-conscious economy, modern brands are doing everything right proving to the public that todays cars offers exceptional durability and an extremely safe product that has weathered thousands of safety tests. And, local consumers that have to face the daily commute dealing with traffic and near constant construction - as well as all the traffic headaches - can depend upon the reliability from the purchase of a new or used vehicle. Why, you ask?

Each van, SUV, coupe and sedan must meet the highest safety standards that ensure your family can always be driving with no worries. Each vehicle comes with a standard electronic stability control that helps to reduce crash and accident related fatalities by 43% - as reported by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Accompanied by airbags, making sure that all passengers appropriately use seatbelts, with the employment of smart engineering by the manufacturer, there may be no safer place for your loved ones to be on the road than inside your new model car.

With safety accommodations, traveling in a used or new vehicle allows consumers the opportunity to concentrate on other important matters such as how well the local sports teams are doing! The manufacturer believes that cars should also be fun to drive as well as relaxing just to sit in. This is especially true for commuters, so every model is specifically designed with easy-to-use features that are ergonomically user-friendly. Once seated behind the wheel, newbies will feel immediately comfortable and warmly welcomed from the first moment they step on the gas pedal.Also keep in mind that some car brands offer great warranties with unlimited mileage and a multi-year assistance program.

Charlotte and the surrounding area knows that Hyundai excellence is earned after years of service. That's Bob Mayberry Hyundai. Over 28 years in the automotive business, the Mayberry name means quality, dependability and outstanding service. Hyundai in Charlotte.

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