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High Octane Anger

Stock Car Racing Topics:  NASCAR

High Octane Anger

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
September 16, 2007

My focus may be a tad off as I write this article, however, I felt the need to address what I can assure you all now is no longer a "conspiracy theory". The tires from Loudon are still seething hot from 300 laps of incessant, boring, racing around New Hampshire International Speedway. Why is this track not only on the schedule twice, but more so, WHY does it kick off the chase? As uneventful as this race was, our buddies Rusty, Andy, and Jerry still weren't able to focus on the REAL story of the day.

So call me a conspiracy theorist, I no longer care how insane that may sound. However if anyone disputes that Rick Hend(p)rick is still cutting the big checks to NASCAR and the networks is probably the same individual who can't look at themself in the mirror. Is my driver moving to his team? Indeed. Does it make my stomach turn and testicles twist within their scrotal encasement? You bet it does! Will I still be a fan of Dale Earnhardt Jr? Undeniably! I've come to terms with the fact that I can still despise the other Hend(p)rick bastards and be a fan of Dale Jr. That fact will do nothing to dampen my theory behind the mafia man, Rick Hend(p)rick. Clint Bowyer is a stand-up guy in my opinion. I've met him. He takes the time to talk to his fans, and realizes it's them that makes the NASCAR world go around, and how fortunate he is to be in his current position. A force to be reckoned with in the Busch series, he was still trying to find his nitch in the sport's premier theater. Finishing third twice and a few top tens here and there, it was just a matter of time in the experts opinion, until he saw victory lane. Today was definitely Clint's day. Leading more laps today than in his entire cup career, (what was it, 223?), you would have never known that Mr. Bowyer was even in the race, let alone dominating in such a championship fashion. Why, you ask?

Not only wouldn't the beloved ESPN/ABC broadcast crew stop talking about how great the Hend(p)rick drivers were doing, the cameras seemed to believe that there wasn't anyone else on the track! Yet, there was Clint, screaming around the track, setting himself up for his first cup victory in his 64th start. Though not much mention was made of his domination until late in the race when the broadcast nation had to buck up to the fact that neither the young Keebler Elf, Jimmie my Johnson, or Jeffypoo was going to be the victor. People, take away the fact that I HATE Hend(p)rick Motorsports, it still can't be denied that NASCAR robbed a well adjusted young driver of the limelight he so rightfully deserved. I guess in the end, it's all elementary considering the record books, and the folks who have the write the winner's check, HAD to take note. However, this proves that when any other young driver sets themselves up to win a race, it will be broadcast in near stealth mode. What's going to happen when Reed Sorenson, David Stremme, or Regan Smith win their first race? Keep your eyes out folks, you may miss it!

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