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Fire Fat Tony

Stock Car Racing Topics:  Tony Eury Jr.

Fire Fat Tony

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
May 30, 2008

Wow, I've been so caught up in putting together the "Dead List" article that I wasn't checking in when I should have. I'm curious as to why we chose to pick on Dale Jr? I've made it no secret that I am a huge fan of his. Those of you who have checked in on my site are aware of this. Usually, I don't come to his defense any longer because I have tried to instill the "I'll take the high road" mentality as a journalist. (I say that loose-lipped of course) However, I believe this time I'm provoked to respond. Though I admit I have not read the initial article, I have read the responses. Some very educated, and I'm guessing there were some hate mails popping up in the contributor's in-box much like mine when I write a juicy one.

I agree with the term "over-expected". Now, you can say what you want, and I'm sure you will. It is correct he promised wins and championships, but it seems like the doubters were quick to hop on the "it hasn't happened yet" bandwagon. Is he capable? Indeed. Yet it should be apparent to most thinking individuals that this IS his first year with Hend(p)rick, and there are surly some bugs that need to be knocked loose. I can speak safely at this date in asking if any of you have bothered to look at the point standings? Nope, he hasn't won a race, yet he sits higher in the stack than any other Hend(p)rick driver...even darling Jimmie who has a win. Guess why? Consistancy people! No, he hasn't won, but he's always there, knocking on the door. Much like Jeff Burton was referred to last year until he pulled off a win. How long was he the only driver in the top 12 without a win?

Dale Jones would get my vote if he had the same poor dialect when speaking, yet remained as consistant as a driver and still sported a bow tie on his hood. Sure, I can say that now. lol Though I feel anyone who states Dale Jr. didn't deserve majority owner ship of his father's company hasn't considered the American Dream. I can't think of any father who wouldn't want his son running his company after he stepped down or passed. The reason the ever so hot and sexy (until she opens her pie hole) step-bitch was willed the organization was because Dale Sr. knew his son needed to concentrate on his racing. Look at him now? Starting out as Chance Motorsports which he co-owned with Mrs. Earnhardt to JR Motorsports where he has landed a victory with a veteran Mark Martin at the wheel. Mr. Kesolowski isn't doing so bad either is he? With his sister at his side, as his agent and business manager, there's nothing the two of them couldn't handle on the serious side of the sport.

17 victories aren't a lot in the general scheme of things, I must admit. However, that shouldn't matter in the terms of fanship. We are entitled to ride the last name as much as Jr. is accused of doing. Did you know I'm also a fan of Dave Blaney and Tony Raines? Where are their cup wins? You silly, silly people. Fanship should never be based on wins, though it does help admittedly. Hey, you Kyle Petty fans, when was the last time he won? I rest my case. In the end, Dale Jr. could overdose on AMP, be shot by the National Guard wearing his Addidas shoes, and plow into the wall and I would still be a diehard fan.

I also believe it's worth stating that in this writer's opinion, (I love that phrase, it's sooooo disclaimer-like) that family has been a huge thorn in Dale Jr's side since day one. In the beginning, he not only had Tony Sr. and Jr, he had an uncle changing tires, and a few other family members here and there. His only rock is his sister. FatTony has lost more races for Dale Jr. than Dale Jr. has lost more races for himself due to bad decisions on pit strategy. Us fans know this to be true. Certainly, Dale Jr. has had his fair share of bad calls relating to the same, but in the end, fire fat Tony. Give the dude a double cheesburger, hand him a shop broom, and find some garage floors that need to be clean. I say bring back Steve Hmiel!

So in conclusion, I want all of you Dale Jr. fans to stand proud and know that regardless of his amount of wins, you are a loyalist to NASCAR's most popular driver, do or die. Just like the Gordon, Stewart, Johnson, Martin, or any other driver's following. We're entitled to it as follower of the greatest sport on earth and no one's article popping a squat on him should change that. Now, I'm going to go have a can of AMP, get in my Chevy, drive past the National Guard Armory here in Springfield, and call up my high school buddy who's in the Navy.

Stay tuned for firefattony.com lol

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