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The Cooch of NASCAR

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Stock Car Racing Topics:  Teresa Earnhardt

The Cooch of NASCAR

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
July 8, 2008

Anyone that has followed DEI since its humble beginnings cannot deny they were shocked by the recent news that NASCAR's super-cooch, Teresa Earnhardt is looking for a potential buyer for her race organization. It also goes without saying that all of you bleeding hearts who thought she was the best "man" for the job of CEO and majority owner are entitled to condement anything you want with your crow. Finish it off with some humble pie while you're at it and wash it down with a new found sense of conciousness. For the old fans of Dale Earnhardt Inc. this falls nothing short of treason worse than that of any modern day Benedict Arnold. I can't speak for Dale Jr, but surly he is feeling the sharp, cold steel of the figurative knife between his shoulder blades when he woke up this morning. To say that Dale Earnhardt himself, is turning in his grave would be a gross understatement.

It's no secret that Jr. doesn't have the business sense to actually run DEI. He admitted that when he was in negotiations last year. However, with his trusty sister Kelly by his side, with his persona, and her college education, DEI could have been returned to the racing superpower it once was. Who wouldn't have wanted to drive for Dale Jr? C'mon, it was a rethorical question. The writing was on the wall when they promoted Regan Smith to a full-time cup ride that they were searching for talent. Regan is a stand up buy, don't get me wrong. He personalized an autograph to me in his Busch days. However, when you can't pull off any success in that series, why would anyone begin to think he was ready for a cup ride?

So now, so stubborn as to not realize she could have had the racing world in the palm of her hands, (okay, maybe that is a hyperbole) Mrs. Earnhardt is falling so hard on her face that it's going to fuck up that horse grill she sports every time she smiles. Nice to look at, but makes me want to run my fingers down a chalk board every time I hear her open her pie hole. I guess it could come down to who gets the last laugh, right? Certainly Jr. could lavish in this if he chose, but certainly, there is a huge part of him that this pains. Not a way to pay tribute to a legend, by selling his company. He was Forever the Man, now she'll be known as Forever the Cooch".

It's okay to disagree with me on this my fellow, loyal fans of NASCAR. This is one of those issues that I really hold dear to my heart and felt compelled to address. Maybe this is for not, and the idea will be retracted, but it doesn't appear to be that way. My rant after a great holiday.

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