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James Hylton to Try Again!

Stock Car Racing Topics:  James Hylton

James Hylton to Try Again!

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
November 25, 2008

Anyone can read the articles that just came out regarding Mr. Hylton who will attempt once again, to qualify for the Daytona 500. Indeed, he would be the oldest driver to do so, and already has that record wrapped up in the Nationwide Series, but what really shocked me was EM Motorsports intention to have James in the seat for the entire '09 schedule!

Granted, they are outside the top 35 in the pussy points, so the work at hand is going to outrageously tough. However, this could be just the kind of "feelgood" story that NASCAR needs to provide a tad bit of its own economic stimulus. After all, it's not like James Hylton has been out of a race car. He raced the entire '08 ARCA schedule, and has 601 starts in the cup series. Granted, his last win was in 1972 at Talladega, but a third place finish in the Daytona 500 is nothing to scoff at, either.

I admit, I was pulling for him when he tried in '07, and watching him run second in the Duels before falling victim to a bad clutch firmly assures he still "has it". I would love nothing more than to be in attendance to watch one of the last, true, old-schoolers bring the class to session. I noticed this story hasn't been covered here yet, and thought I would drop a quick line.

Definitely enjoying the off-season here in Ohio. For the first time as a fan, I suffered "race burnout" and am not quite looking ahead to February as far as NASCAR is concerned. Indeed, I hope you are all taking some time to breath, spend time with your families, and are preparing for the fat man in the red suit's arrival. If you can't find anyone to eat your cookies and milk, gimme a hollar!

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