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U.S. Secretary of Transportation Announces More Than $201 Million to Repair Damaged Roads and Bridges

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U.S. Secretary of Transportation Announces More Than $201 Million to Repair Damaged Roads and Bridges

Federal Highway Administration
6 July 2009

FHWA 20-09
Contact: Nancy Singer
Monday, July 6, 2009
Tel.: (202) 366-0660

WASHINGTON, DC – The federal government is making more than $201 million available to states across the nation to cover costs incurred to repair roads and bridges damaged by a variety of natural emergencies and catastrophic events, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood announced today.

"Restoring transportation routes is vital for communities recovering from disaster," Secretary LaHood said. "It is the first step to getting peoples' daily lives back on track."

Under the Federal Highway Administration's emergency relief program, a total of $201,490,146 will go to 15 states, American Samoa, the Virgin Islands, and federal lands agencies to pay for damages caused by storms, flooding, hurricanes and other disasters and events.

Kentucky and Washington will receive $27 million and $24 million respectively for winter storms in January 2009. Louisiana will receive $16 million to pay for Hurricane Gustav damage.

The funds will reimburse states to fix or replace highways, bridges and other roadway structures such as traffic signals and signs, guardrails and lighting. Also eligible are costs associated with detours, debris removal and other immediate measures necessary to restore traffic flow in impacted areas.

The 2009 Continuing Appropriations Act and the 2006 Department of Defense Appropriations Act both provide additional funding for the FHWA program which Congress annually authorizes at $100 million. The program reimburses states for the repair or reconstruction of federal-aid highways that were damaged in disasters and catastrophic failures.


State Event Allocation
by State
Alabama March 2009 Heavy Rainfall 300,000 1,700,000
May 2009 Heavy Rainfall 1,400,000
Alaska May 2005 Flooding 2,477,025 6,538,770
September 2005 Storm Surge and Flooding 409,140
August 2006 Storms 1,152,605
May 2009 Spring Thaw, Ice-jams, and Severe Flooding 2,500,000
American Samoa January 2004 Tropical Cyclone Heta 8,000,000 8,000,000
Arkansas January 2009 Ice Storm 9,849,056 9,849,056
Illinois September 2008 Storms and Flooding 1,086,599 1,086,599
Indiana June 2008 Midwest Flooding 400,000 400,000
Iowa May - June 2007 Storms and Flooding 526,442 3,396,660
June 2008 Midwest Flooding 2,870,218
Kentucky January 2009 Ice Storm 27,513,433 30,346,291
May 2009 Flooding 2,832,858
Louisiana September 2008 Hurricane Gustav 16,027,935 16,027,935
Mississippi August 2005 Hurricane Katrina 17,000,000 20,000,000
March 2009 Popps Ferry Bridge Damage 3,000,000
New Hampshire May 2006 Rainfall and Flooding 206,222 206,222
New York July 2008 Severe Storms 3,378,737 7,160,285
December 2008 Ice Storm 3,781,548
North Carolina November 2006 Storm 2,479,372 2,479,372
North Dakota Spring 2009 Devils Lake Basin Flooding 16,800,000 24,800,000
Spring 2009 Statewide Flooding 4,000,000
Spring 2009 West James Basin Flooding 4,000,000
Tennessee January 2009 Severe Winter Weather 1,023,183 1,023,183
Virgin Islands October 2008 Hurricane Omar 730,591 730,591
Washington December 2007 Rainfall and Flooding 4,798,000 29,245,182
May 2008 Flooding 7,500
July 2008 I-5/SR 11 Overpass Truck Crash 1,000
November 2008 Storm 300,000
January 2009 Storm 24,138,682
Federal Lands Agencies Includes Arkansas March 2008 storms (Ouachita and Ozark-St. Francis National Forest); Colorado Winter 2007-2008 storms (San Juna National Forest); Maine July 2007 storms (White Mountain National Forest); Texas September 2008 Tropical Storm Lowell (Big Bend National Park); and numerous other storms causing damage to national parks and forests and Indian lands around the country. 38,500,000 38,500,000
Total 201,490,146 201,490,146

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