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Reports, Forms, and Record Keeping Requirements Agency Information Collection Activity Under OMB Review

American Government

Reports, Forms, and Record Keeping Requirements Agency Information Collection Activity Under OMB Review

Jeffrey M. Giuseppe
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
20 August 2018

[Federal Register Volume 83, Number 161 (Monday, August 20, 2018)]
[Pages 42201-42202]
From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office [www.gpo.gov]
[FR Doc No: 2018-17939]



National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

[Docket No. NHTSA-2018-0019; Notice 2]

Reports, Forms, and Record Keeping Requirements Agency 
Information Collection Activity Under OMB Review

AGENCY: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 
Department of Transportation (DOT).

ACTION: Request for public comment on proposed collection of 


SUMMARY: In compliance with the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, this 
notice announces that the Information Collection Request (ICR) 
abstracted below has been forwarded to the Office of Management and 
Budget (OMB) for review and comment. The ICR describes the nature of 
the information collections and their expected burden.

DATES: Comments must be submitted on or before September 19, 2018.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Coleman Sachs, Office of Vehicle 
Safety Compliance (NEF-230), National Highway Traffic Safety 
Administration, West Building 4th Floor, Room W45-205, 1200 New Jersey 
Avenue SE, Washington, DC 20590. Mr. Sachs' telephone number is (202) 


National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

    Title: Consolidated Labeling Requirements for 49 CFR parts 565 
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Requirements, and 567 
    OMB Number: 2127-0510.
    Type of Request: Reinstatement of a Previously Approved Collection.
    The Federal Register Notice soliciting public comment on the ICR, 
with a 60-day comment period was published on February 28, 2018, at 83 
FR 8732.

Part 565

    The regulations in part 565 specify the format, contents, and 
physical requirements for a vehicle identification number (VIN) system 
and its installation to simplify vehicle identification information 
retrieval and to increase the accuracy and efficiency of vehicle recall 
campaigns. The regulations require each vehicle manufactured in one 
stage to have a VIN that is assigned by the vehicle's manufacturer. 
Each vehicle manufactured in more than one stage is to have a VIN 
assigned by the incomplete vehicle manufacturer. Each VIN must consist 
of 17 characters, including a check digit, in the ninth position, with 
the purpose of verifying the accuracy of any VIN transcription. The VIN 
must also incorporate the world manufacturer identifier (WMI) assigned 
to the manufacturer by the competent authority in the country where the 
manufacturer is located. The WMI occupies the first three characters of 
the VIN for manufacturers that produce 1,000 or more vehicles of a 
specified type within a model year, and positions 1, 2, 3, 12, 13, and 
14 of VINs assigned by manufacturers that produce less than 1,000 
vehicles of a specified type per model year. The remaining characters 
of the VIN describe various vehicle attributes, such as make, model, 
and type, which vary depending on the vehicle's type classification 
(i.e. passenger car, multipurpose passenger vehicle, truck, bus, 
trailer, motorcycle, low-speed vehicle), and identify the vehicle's 
model year, plant code, and sequential production number. NHTSA has 
contracted with SAE International of Warrendale, Pennsylvania, to 
coordinate the assignment of WMIs to manufacturers in the United 
States. Each manufacturer of vehicles subject to the requirements of 
part 565 must submit, either directly or through an agent, the unique 
identifier for each make and type of vehicle it manufactures at least 
60 days before affixing the first VIN using the identifier. 
Manufacturers are also required to submit to NHTSA, information 
necessary to decipher the characters contained in their VINs, including 
amendments to that information, at least 60 days prior to offering for 
sale the first vehicle identified by a VIN containing that information 
or if information concerning vehicle characteristics sufficient to 
specify the VIN code is unavailable to the manufacturer by that date, 
then within one week after that information first becomes available. 
With changes implemented in 2015, manufacturers have been able to make 
these submissions using an online portal on the agency's website at 

Part 567

    The regulations in part 567 specify the content and location of, 
and other requirements for, the certification label to be affixed to a 
motor vehicle, as required by the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle 
Safety Act, as amended (the Vehicle Safety Act) (49 U.S.C. 30115) and 
the Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Savings Act, as amended (the 
Cost Savings Act) (49 U.S.C. 30254 and 33109), to address 
certification-related duties and liabilities, and to provide the 
consumer with information to assist him or her in determining which of 
the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) (as found in 49 CFR 
part 571), Bumper Standards (as found in 49 CFR part 581), and Federal 
Theft Prevention Standards (as found in 49 CFR part 541) are applicable 
to the vehicle. The regulations pertain to manufacturers of motor 
vehicles to which one or more standards are applicable, including 
persons who alter such vehicles prior to their first retail sale, and 
to Registered Importers of vehicles not originally manufactured to 
comply with all applicable FMVSS that are determined eligible for 
importation by NHTSA, based on the vehicles' capability of being 
modified to conform to those standards. The regulations require each 
manufacturer to affix to each vehicle, in a prescribed location, a 
label that, among other things, identifies the vehicle's manufacturer 
(defined as the

[[Page 42202]]

person who actually assembles the vehicle), the vehicle's date of 
manufacture, and the statement that the vehicle complies with all 
applicable FMVSS and, where applicable, Bumper and Theft Prevention 
Standards in effect on the date of manufacture. The label must also 
include the vehicle's gross vehicle and gross axle weight ratings (GVWR 
and GAWRs), vehicle identification number, and vehicle type 
classification (i.e., passenger car, multipurpose passenger vehicle, 
truck, bus, trailer, motorcycle, low-speed vehicle). The regulations 
specify other labeling requirements for incomplete vehicle, 
intermediate, and final-stage manufacturers of vehicles built in two or 
more stages, such as commercial trucks that are built by adding work 
performing components, such as a cargo box or cement mixer, to a 
previously manufactured chassis or chassis-cab, and to persons who 
alter previously certified vehicles, other than by the addition, 
substitution, or removal of readily attachable components such as 
mirrors or tire and rim assemblies, or minor finishing operation such 
as painting, before the first purchase of the vehicle for purposes 
other than resale.
    Affected Public: Motor vehicle manufacturers, including incomplete 
vehicle manufacturers and intermediate and final-stage manufacturers of 
vehicles built in two or more stages, vehicle alterers, and Registered 
Importers of motor vehicles that are not originally manufactured to 
comply with all applicable FMVSS.
    Estimated Total Annual Burden: 733 hours and $21,990 for supplying 
required VIN-deciphering information to NHTSA under part 565; 88,000 
hours and $1,760,000 for meeting the labeling requirements of part 567.
    Addresses: Send comments, within 30 days, to the Office of 
Information and Regulatory Affairs, Office of Management and Budget, 
725 17th Street NW, Washington, DC 20503, Attention NHTSA Desk Officer.
    Comments Are Invited On: Whether the proposed collection of 
information is necessary for the proper performance of the functions of 
the Agency, including whether the information will have practical 
utility; the accuracy of the Agency's estimate of the burden of the 
proposed information collection; ways to enhance the quality, utility 
and clarity of the information to be collected; and ways to minimize 
the burden of the collection of information on respondents, including 
the use of automated collection techniques or other forms of 
information technology. A comment to OMB is most effective if OMB 
receives it within 30 days of publication.

Jeffrey M. Giuseppe,
Associate Administrator for Enforcement.
[FR Doc. 2018-17939 Filed 8-17-18; 8:45 am]

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