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Dinan Cars Announce Parts Availability for BMW 328

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Dinan Cars Announce Parts Availability for BMW 328

Anthony Fontanelle
May 14, 2007

Dinan Cars, an automotive company in the United States known for designing and manufacturing aftermarket performance parts for BMW vehicles, recently announced the availability of new BMW 328 Coupe and Sedan components. The company not only produces aftermarket parts for BMW vehicles but also for the MINI brand. The said company is based in Morgan Hill, California and is also known for designing and building BMW racing engines for the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series Daytona Prototype class. Its products are sold through a marketing network composed of different BMW dealerships and other independent auto shops across the United States.

The BMW 328 is under the 3 Series that was redesigned by the German car manufacturer last year. For this car model, Dinan Cars announced the availability of the Ram-Air Intake Assembly although this would only be for the sedan version. The company stated that they used the ram air effect to give the air intake assembly better access to air. The said component scoops up air from the area close to the brake duct. This is in addition to the already existing air duct. The air flow from both of these components gives the engine more air. The use of this component can improve the torque and horsepower output of an engine.

The responsiveness of the engine to the demand of the driver is also increased giving extra power when it is needed. The aftermarket part is composed of an aluminum “air scoop”, a silicone hose, and an air-box duct. Tests have shown that this aftermarket performance part can increase power output by as much as 7 horsepower and 6 lb-ft of torque at 6600 revs per minute.

Another for sedan only aftermarket part that was announced to be available by Dinan Cars is the Free Flow Exhaust. The said component is designed to reduce back pressure. For performance enthusiasts, back pressure is considered a bad thing since it reduces the power output of an engine. It is generated by an exhaust system with many twists and bends. Although laws have been passed to increase back pressure to eliminate loud noise, the Free Flow Exhaust uses design technology which reduces backpressure but at the same time keeps the engine noise to a minimum level.

The exhaust part is made out of 100 percent stainless steel. This means that the component can resist corrosion for a considerably long time. The aftermarket part is also designed to fit the factory hangers and its connection with the exhaust manifold. Dinan Cars announced that this same exhaust will be available for BMW 328 coupes shortly.

Another product available from Dinan Cars is the Strut Tower Brace for both the coupe and the sedan version of the BMW 328. The strut bar is a suspension system component used to complement MacPherson struts. The said component provides better strength to the strut towers. According to Dinan Cars, the new strut tower brace they have designed will “help to maintain the structural integrity of the towers over the life of the vehicle as well as providing sharper handling by reducing flex under harder cornering conditions.” This gives better ride comfort to the already smooth driving BMW 328. The aftermarket part is precision engineered to fit the strut tower reinforcements. This ensures that the aftermarket part will perfectly complement the stock components used on the coupe and sedan.

The strut tower brace is recommended by Dinan to be used with another product they have designed and produced and is now available in the market. The Stage 1 Suspension system for both coupe and sedan is composed of a Dinan Performance Springs, Koni Strut and rear shocks, and bumpstops. The suspension assembly increase road grip of the tires and also reduces body roll. The assembly also lowers the car giving it a truly performance car look.

Dinan Cars is one of the leading manufacturers of BMW aftermarket parts such as BMW belts, body kit, and other accessories. With a long standing agreement with BMW dealers which allows Dinan-modified vehicles to retain the factory warranty. Usually, the warranty that comes along with a vehicle is immediately lost after a modification has been made to the vehicle. This shows how Dinan Cars has created a name for itself in the United States auto industry.

Source:  Amazines.com

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