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One Seriously Big Vehicle: Cadillac Escalade

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One Seriously Big Vehicle: Cadillac Escalade

Anthony Fontanelle
May 17, 2007

While car buyers tend to turn away from large vehicles due to their poor gas mileage ratings, it cannot be denied that sport utility vehicles still have the most appeal to car buyers. These big vehicles have been the favorite of Americans for the longest time and if one should look at a Cadillac Escalade, it is easy to understand why. For the 2007 year model, the iconic Escalade is made to please in terms of its size, power, performance, comfort and convenience features.

With its sheer size, the Cadillac Escalade is a bona fide attention grabber. The full-sized SUV is indeed a full sized vehicle with the credential of being a classic. This size means that it can accommodate grownups even on its third row seats. Offering plenty of legroom and headspace, the Escalade offers the most comfort for its occupants. The large space occupied by the third row of seats though reduces the cargo space at the back of the SUV. The size of the vehicle gives it an imposing figure and makes it a head turner. Adding to its attention-grabbing capabilities is its sleek exterior styling that is accented by its iconic nose configuration. Aesthetically pleasing, the Escalade is offered with 22-inch wheels which give it a more appealing look.

Another attention grabbing attribute that the Escalade has is the way it sounds. On idle mode, the engine produces less noise than what you would expect from an engine as big as the Escalade’s. But if you do step on the gas pedal, you would find out that the power source gives the Escalade an authoritative sound. This purposeful engine acoustics come from a massive 6.2-liter V8 engine. This engine is rated to produce as much as 403 horsepower and 417 lb-ft of torque. That much power can still be enhanced with the use of aftermarket parts to produce more power and torque. The market is offering performance enhancing parts such as Cadillac Escalade cold air induction system components. Transferring the power from the engine to the drive wheels is facilitated by the smooth operating six-speed automatic gear box. The Escalade is configured to be an all-wheel drive vehicle thus giving it better traction even on slippery road conditions. In terms of safety, the Escalade uses its traction control system to keep the vehicle steady.

The Escalade also has features which makes it one of the most appealing and most practical SUVs if fuel consumption is disregarded. Its gear box is engineered to have a hauling or towing mode. This ensures that the vehicle can properly lug a vehicle. This feature allows the engine to maximize its output for a gear ratio without shifting quickly. For those who have driven the Escalade, this feature is found out to be handy on tight cornering. In terms of its comfort and convenience features, the already pricey Escalade is offered with different options which include a navigational system with an eight-inch touch screen at $3,640.

Another option is the power sunroof which is priced at $2,065. A heated steering wheel is also an option for $185 while the optional cooled front seats costs $625. A rear-seat entertainment system is also an option priced at $2,295. With options such as that, it is no surprise that the Cadillac Escalade is one of the most stolen vehicles in the United States as per official data.

For its style and performance, the Escalade still has flaws or slight inconvenience. Its automatic transmission with manual mode is one of that. While the presence of the manual transmission mode is great for those who want to get the most power of the engine before it redline, it is awkward to use due to its positioning. Another obvious drawback for the Cadillac Escalade is its gas-guzzling ability. With an engine as big as the Escalade’s, one will not be surprised that the Escalade can consume as much as 18.4 liters of gasoline for every 100 kilometers. With the price of gasoline reaching the three dollar mark, the Escalade is one high maintenance vehicle which is fitting for a vehicle as luxurious as this vehicle.

Source:  Amazines.com

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