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Washing Your Car At Home For Fun And Pleasure

Washing Your Car At Home For Fun And Pleasure

Scooter Davis
18 December 2012

So you insist on washing your own car at home? OK, here's how to do it like a pro.
You'll need a sunny day, a radio playing good music, a friendly attitude, and at least forty minutes of good old fashioned time.

Don't use dishwashing liquid. Go to the auto store and get a $10 or $12 bottle of decent car wash solution. You will be glad you did not use household dish detergent or other such finish stripping chemicals. You need to baby your car's surface. This solutiobn will last a long time so keep it and use it each time only on the car.

Wet the car with a waterhose. Get the dirt off. Apply some pressure to the bottom sides and mud flap areas. Start wetting the car's surface from the top. Make this whole process a top down affair. Always start at the top and work down, in all car washing applications; water, suds, drying rag, and wax, if applied.

When you have a wet car, pour the suggested amount of car wash solution in warm water in a bucket and mix it as directed. Get your applicator cloth or soft sponge wet and sudsy by dipping it in the bucket, wring it out, and apply to the top of the car.

Work the applicator in a circular motion making large swipes, being careful to get all of the area clean. Rinse your cloth or sponge often and repat this process over and over until the entire car has been washed from top down.

It is a good idea to rinse the suds off the car as soon as possible, especially if the sun is bright. Dried suds create streaks. You will establish a feel for this process as you go. If the car is small, you might get the entire surface washed before it becomes necessary to rinse. Larger cars and trucks require quicker rinsing to avoid streaks.

When all the surface is well washed, rinse the entire car with a water hose. When all the suds are gone and you are satisfied that the car is clean of dirt and grime, dry the surface with a professional drying cloth. It is important to do a thorough job of drying to avoid streaks. If you apply wax, now is the time. Carefully follow the instructions on the wax container. Buff as needed for a clear , protective shine.

Clean up is a cinch by emptying the bucket, rinsing the applicators, and turing the water off. Grab the radio,too.

You've just enjoyed one of the world's favorite pasttimes. Washing the car. Congratulations. Happy motoring.

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