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The Real Deal About The Latest Pickup Truck Model

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Topics:  Ford F-150

The Real Deal About The Latest Pickup Truck Model

Lisa Jane Foreman
21 November 2012

When it comes to trucks, the latest model remains to be the biggest deal. With its sleek and formidable design, it's often the first choice of many car buyers. It boasts of superior engine technology and despite its size, reviews reveal that it provides a really smooth drive and ride. When there's a challenging job to be accomplished, men turn to the pickup trucks more than any other type of vehicle for it can handle just about anything.

So what's the real deal about the latest pickup truck model? Well, the company has come up with ways to further elevate the already deemed "impressive in every way" signature truck of the brand. The new pickup truck can out-tow, out-haul any other vehicle- it's the perfect vehicle for the industry and yet it has that amazing luxurious quality and versatility that work well in a family vehicle.

People who are looking to buy a full-size pickup truck have the following features to get if they decide to have the latest pickup truck model; it has amazing towing ability and can tow an 11,300-lb trailer. It can also haul cargo of up to 3,120 lbs. - an ability that all trucks within the class are still benchmarking to have. It's the toughest truck out there for it's engineered to withstand more abuse that vehicles of its kind can be subjected to - rough weather, rough terrain, heavy load and even certain "accidents." The new pickup truck has the best in-class towing, best in-class payload, AdvancedTrac® with Roll Stability Control (this enhances stability and it's the only system available that has a roll motion sensor which detects horizontal roll and automatically activates countermeasures to keep all four wheels on the ground), Standard Sway Control, Electronic Locking Rear Differential, Integrated Trailer Brake Controller, tough frame strength and Outboard-Mounted Rear Shocks.

When it comes to power, this pickup truck has fuel efficient technology (a great feature considering the current gas prices), eco-boost engine, two options of twin-independent variable cam timing technology (the 3.7 Ti-VCT V6 and 5 L Ti-VCT V8), 6.2 L V8, Electronic 6-Speed Transmission with Tow/Haul Mode or Select Shift Auto Transmission and lastly, the pickup truck SVT Raptor which is a unique brick-wall front grille that delivers true off-road performance.

As for the interior, it's all about quiet comfort. The truck makes use of the 720-degree approach to noise reduction sound engineering. There's a rear view camera for easy back maneuvering, Super Crew rear seats which are very comfortable, safety cage and personal safety system.

Vehicle manufacturer does not mind over-delivering when it comes to truck technology. The aim is to provide the most effective yet pleasant driving/riding experience that customers will be completely satisfied with.

The manufacturer of 2012 ford f 150 makes sure that they have enhanced all the capabilities of the previous models. Check out http://www.hannafords.ca/f-150-central-new.htm

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