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Formatting And Writing A Decent Car Ad For Radio

Formatting And Writing A Decent Car Ad For Radio

Scooter Davis
15 November 2012

Ever wonder how to write a radio commercial for an automotive dealership? Well, the one below is a fairly hard hitting advertisement written for a car dealer. I have written thousands of these over the years and have taught hundreds how to format these kinds of audio blasts.

Take a look at the structure and the number of lines for a good feel of a strong auto ad. It is written in all caps because many announcers prefer to read that way. However, a lot of article publishers online don't like the look of all caps so I have modified it for them, just to get it published so you can benefit from seeing this. The locations have been removed to avoid any violation of content guidelines from website article publishers.

The ad starts here:

Ok listeners in Concord, Kannapolis, Salisbury, Wadesboro, Red Cross, Troy, Frog Pond, and Albemarle, it's year end clearance at ( car dealer name goes here)! Brian called me and said, Catherine, I have 35, 2012 (cars) in stock that must go. Listeners can lease one for only 199 a month for 36 months with only $1800 cash or trade.

Folks, you wont be able to get this kind of price on a new ( car brand) again. Call Brian at ( phone number) To get your 2012 (car)for only 199 a month.But wait, that's not all! When you lease or purchase your new (car) Brian will give you - absolutely free- a new 32 inch flat screen TV. No hooks or gimmicks.

Brian is serious about moving these cars. He will Give you a brand new 32 inch flat screen TV perfect for watching the Holiday football games coming up this Thanksgiving and Christmas Season! Don't forget, a 2012 car, gets 39 mpg's on the highway so you'll be saving gas too!Also, it's time to get the family sleigh serviced for the Holidays.

See Jake, Eric, or Rich a for your service needs. From a routine oil and filter to a complete service or major overhaul ( Dealership) can do it all.Their award winning service department and staff are certified and factory trained and use geniune parts to ensure you the highest quality. When you buy a new or pre owned you get lifetime scheduled oil changes.

So, there you have it. A decent auto radio ad to tell the news about the latest sale at a car dealer. Use a similar format for your own copywriting and see what happens.

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