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Is It Best To Wash My Car Often?

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Is It Best To Wash My Car Often?

Scooter Davis
12 September 2012

Yes, but as easy as washing the car at home might seem there are a few precautions to look at so you can avoid unintentional scratches or finish deterioration. Listed below are a few simple tips that will remind you of the joy of Saturday morning routines to take the mind off troubles and result in a clean vehicle.

One word of preventive maintenance -do not wait around for build- up of road gunge before washing. Getting that coat of yuk off your car earlier will result in a better experience in every way so just take care of it. You'll be glad every time, even if it's a hassle, and it often is.Things like dead insects and bird droppings leach acids that basically remove wax and can damage the paint. Be sure you rinse off bugs, bird droppings, and tree sap right away.This comes under the heading of 'first things first' because without it, the regular washing of your car will mean less. Otherwise, a weekly carwash really should be fine to keep your ride's finish in tip top condition.

What sort of products do I need to use to wash my car? Experts from every auto shop, dealership, repair shop, and body shop we surveyed agreed on this one - Mild detergent solutions purchased in automotive shops are best. Products below your kitchen sink that you don't even remember buying, or dishwashing liquid can be too harsh. This is one of those times when you should spend a little bit of money on a good carwash solution to preserve the finish and protect your investment.

Mix it up in a clean bucket with warm water and wash using a natural sponge or lambswool cloth.Special note and warning- A stronger product specific to the lower side of the car may be required to cut through road tar, grease, and rubber. These are sold seperately at your neaby auto supply store. Utilize a nonabrasive cloth to scrub away damaging elements.

Now for a word from the 'dang, I knew it' department - Cleaning wheels and tires is a completely new topic. You'll need a dedicated cleaning product for wheels. If you want your covers to glisten in the light, and your tires to be shiny black, you will need to work on that. Don't forget to check for compatibility on your particular wheel covers.

Closing tips- Don't wash a hot car. The temperature will increase the opportunity for spots and soap deposits. Don't move the sponge in circles. This may cause swirl scratches. Rinse well.

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