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Crucial Elements Of A Great Car Dealership

Crucial Elements Of A Great Car Dealership

Scooter Davis
11 September 2012

Peter Druker once said " The alternative to tyranny isn't Democracy, it is well managed comapnies."

When you have a Democracy that's a great framework but nothing will work right without excellent thought, application, and meaningful forward motion. In essence, well managed companies.

If you are a member of the leadership team at an auto dealership or other business, it's up to you to show the way through your own example, your teams example, and shared values that make a real difference in the lives of your employees and customers. That's a tall order but it is done every day by a few great managers and leaders.

The first order of business for a great leader of any company is to make difficult decisions about who get's to be on your team.This one idea can mean all the difference to any company because, as it turns out, it's the people who actually make the difference, not the systems. Experts who study this topic obsessively agree that after scruitinizing the big successes of the last 6,500 years, one fact slammed to the front of the list. People are everything. Not systems, not gadgets, not the latest business model, not any other element. Getting the right people is number one.

The late Sam Walton knew this intuitively as he built one of the largest, most successful companies in history. It is written that he would look for years to find the right person to run a segment of his company. Once found, that person would be paid very well and would be given huge reponsibilites.

When you get the right people together, what's next?

Develope the character trait that cares more about the values of your business or company that your own personal wants. Put your own cares second and do what you do for the good of and the love of the business values. This is not to suggest you sell your soul in the pursuit of money. It is to say - have values that , when achieved, will last beyond your lifetime.

The future of your company should be based on a few basic areas. Values- what is held dear by the leaderhip of the company. Purpose- what you strive for-- your reason for even being there. And specific large goals that seem a bit daunting but , when pushed for, can be reached.

Values and purpose can be plugged into the community and into the well being of employees and customers. All this works together to bring about a bonafide company that has much more to it that a healthy profit, although that will likely be a side effect.

When a car dealership or other company strives to be useful instead of pushing to be successful, that company, parodoxically, becomes successful.

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