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Skoda Citigo Winner 2012 Auto Express New Car Awards - An Unbiased Review

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Skoda Citigo Winner 2012 Auto Express New Car Awards - An Unbiased Review

John Paul Yacapin
15 August 2012

Early attempts in manufacturing environment-friendly cars pale in comparison to the SKODA Citigo. While early green cars realized optimum fuel economy, these automobiles were constrained with low running power and meager interior space.

Released in early 2012, the SKODA Citigo is the modern standard for driving around the city and nearby towns. Its small exterior dimensions prove very convenient when driving around tightly spaced city streets and parking in populated areas.

While many would assume that the small exterior dimensions of the Citigo directly translate to small interior space, this fact is not at all true with the unique SKODA engineering design. In fact, the SKODA Citigo can comfortably accommodate up to four people with enough space for additional luggage to boot. Due to the noticeable innovations incorporated into this modern car, it recently has won the 2012 Auto Express New Car Awards.

Comfortable Driving Experience
Providing the driver and passengers with exceptional level of comfort for its small exterior footprint is the secret of Citigo's appeal to modern car owners. On top of these features, the SKODA Citigo is the type of automobile that drivers will truly be connected to because of its well-designed dashboard.

Leading the list of installed modern equipment is the Portable Infotainment Device (PID). The centralized nature of the PID makes it an indispensable tool for accessing important information and streaming lively entertainment right from the dashboard. The PID includes an on-board trip computer and accurate navigation system so that drivers are well-guided in every way. For answering important calls even while on the road, the PID has the built-in hands-free Bluetooth system to connect with the Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.

Finally, the PID boasts a multimedia player complete with radio data system (RDS) capability, a CD player, a 3.5mm auxiliary input, and other standard multimedia interfaces.

Passive and Active Safety Features
Engineers and designers at SKODA know the value of safety especially in driving around town and in the city; that is why, the Citigo is designed with a two-fold safety system known separately as the passive and active safety systems. Despite the size of the Citigo, safety engineers were able to integrate a four-airbag system to protect everyone inside the car from serious injuries in the event of accidents. For precautionary safety, the Citigo also has computerized seatbelt reminders to keep everyone sound and secure.

In the active safety system, the Citigo is equipped with a comprehensive feature set including fog lights, guided parking sensors, brake assist sensor, and top-tether ISOFIX technology for child seats. Fog lights are elegantly mounted within the front bumpers for better visibility in foggy driving conditions.

When parking, three active sensors guide the driver for ease in manoeuvrability. When going slower than 19 miles per hour, the brake assist system is automatically activated for assisted braking thereby preventing collisions. With a combination of the best-in-class active and passive safety systems, the SKODA Citigo is able to achieve the Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme) prestigious five-star rating.

Citigo Models: A Product of Green Tech
The SKODA Citigo is available in three models: S, SE, and Elegance. All these models are the result of SKODA's commitment to commercializing green technology. Most notable to this trim of green technology are the brake energy recovery, lowered suspension, reduced rolling resistance tires, and intelligent stop-start systems. With all these individual features working together, the Citigo has a combined fuel economy of up to 68.9 miles per gallon while maintaining just 96 grams of carbon dioxide emission per kilometre with its 1.0L three-cylinder engine. More than being the best value for money, the SKODA Citigo allows easy access to excellent car and fleet insurance terms for a truly economical way to drive.

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