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Nomination of Nicole R. Nason

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American Government Topics:  Nicole R. Nason, Federal Highway Administration

Nomination of Nicole R. Nason

Senator John Barrasso
Congressional Record: 116th Congress
28 March 2019

  Mr. BARRASSO. Mr. President, I rise today in support of the 
nomination of Nicole Nason to serve as Administrator of the Federal 
Highway Administration at the U.S. Department of Transportation.
  The Federal Highway Administration plays a central role in America's 
mobility. The administration is the lead partner to State and local 
transportation programs that maintain and improve our Nation's roads, 
highways, and bridges. It has been without a Senate-confirmed 
leadership director for far too long.
  America's transportation infrastructure faces a number of challenges. 
Authorization of the Federal highway programs are going to expire at 
the end of September of 2020. We need to work together in Congress to 
write and pass a bipartisan highway infrastructure bill that upgrades 
America's roads and bridges.
  The Environment and Public Works Committee, which I chair, has 
already begun the bipartisan process of drafting this legislation. The 
Federal Highway Administration needs a strong Administrator in the 
office, one who can work with Congress on the development and 
implementation of highway infrastructure legislation.
  Nicole Nason is the right person for the job. She is well qualified, 
and brings impressive experience in transportation policy to this 
critically important position.
  Under President Bush, she served as Administrator of the National 
Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That is the Department of 
Transportation's top road safety official.
  Before that, she served as the Department of Transportation's 
Assistant Secretary for Government Affairs. In that role, she played a 
key part in negotiating the bipartisan passage of a 5-year highway 
reauthorization bill.
  Ms. Nason most recently served as the Assistant Secretary of the U.S. 
Department of State's Bureau of Administration, a position where she 
has managed nearly 2,000 employees and contractors.
  Ms. Nason has won praise from a wide variety of groups. Helen Witty 
is the national president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. This is 
what she stated:

       Nicole is a true champion of highway safety and will be an 
     asset to the Department of Transportation as the Federal 
     Highway Administration Administrator. On behalf of MADD, I 
     wholeheartedly endorse her for this position.

  The Associated General Contractors of America had this to say:

       Ms. Nason is a superb choice to fulfill the Federal Highway 
     Administration's leadership role in improving mobility on our 
     nation's highways.

  The Governors Highway Safety Association has stated:

       Throughout her career, Ms. Nason has demonstrated a clear 
     commitment to public service and, during her tenure as 
     Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety 
     Administration (NHTSA) a dedication to advancing highway 

  Confirming Ms. Nason to be Administrator of the Federal Highway 
Administration will be an important step in supporting our Nation's 
highways, roads, and bridges.
  The Environment and Public Works Committee recognized this when we 
reported her nomination by voice vote on February 5. That has been 
nearly 2 months ago. It shouldn't take this long to confirm such a 
highly qualified nominee to such an important position.
  Nicole Nason will be an excellent Administrator of the Federal 
Highway Administration. I encourage every Senator to vote to confirm 
  I yield the floor.

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