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Honoring the Heroic Service and Sacrifice of IMPD Officer Breann Leath

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Honoring the Heroic Service and Sacrifice of IMPD Officer Breann Leath

Congresswoman Susan W. Brooks
Congressional Record: 116th Congress
Extensions of Remarks
26 May 2020

  Mrs. BROOKS of Indiana. Madam Speaker, it is with a heavy heart that 
I rise today to honor the life of an outstanding public servant, 
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officer Breann Leath, who 
served her city and country with principle and integrity. Tragically, 
Officer Leath was killed in the line of duty on April 9, 2020, while 
responding to a domestic violence call.
  Breann was born on December 30, 1995 in Hinesville, Georgia. Her 
family moved to Indiana and she graduated from Southport High School in 
2014, where she served as captain of the dance squad. She was always a 
shining light in the eyes of her classmates and peers. She had a 
passion for public service, following in her father's footsteps who is 
also a police officer. After graduation, Breann enlisted in the Indiana 
Army National Guard and became a member of the military Honor Guard. 
Upon completing her service in the National Guard, Breann pursued her 
passion for service and protection by becoming a corrections officer at 
the Indiana Women's Prison.
  During her time at the Women's Prison, Breann recognized her true 
calling and passion for law enforcement. This prompted her to join the 
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, known as IMPD. Officer 
Leath graduated the police academy in 2018, going on to serve and 
protect the people of Indianapolis for two and a half years.
  On April 9, Officer Leath pinned on her badge and went to work on 
what she thought would be an ordinary day on the job. She responded to 
a domestic disturbance call on the far east side of Indianapolis where 
she was fatally shot. Officer Leath laid down her life to protect her 
community from a dangerous individual. Her service demonstrates the 
bravery and commitment that she and her brothers and sisters in uniform 
display every day while her last moments reflect the ultimate sacrifice 
law enforcement officers can make.
  On April 16, I attended an historical event at the Indianapolis Motor 
Speedway (IMS) to honor the life and legacy of Officer Leath. Due to 
the Public health recommendations surrounding the pandemic of COVID-19, 
fellow officers and Hoosiers around the state took unprecedented 
actions to properly and safely lay Officer Leath to rest. As many as 
1,900 people joined to watch a live broadcast of the 11 a.m. services 
across local media websites and on YouTube, tuning in to view the first 
funeral held at IMS in its 105-year history. The multiple suites at the 
Speedway were also used for officials and officers to pay respects at a 
safe social distance Just below the suites, four rows of patrol cars 
lined the 2.5-mile track, comprised of her shiftmates at IMPD's East 
District, her classmates in the department's recruiting class and other 
officers from across the state. Just over the horizon hung the 
Indianapolis skyline--a silhouette of the city that Leath spent her 
shortened life serving.
  Officer Leath was only 24 years old. A leader with an infectious 
smile and positive attitude, a veteran who served her country and a 
public servant who loved her community, Officer Leath is a shining 
example of the commitment to the oath of protection our men and women 
in uniform take, paying the ultimate price to protect the citizens of 
Indiana. She leaves behind her young son Zayn, her parents Tom and 
Jennifer, her sisters Jayla and Tiana, her aunt Sherry, uncles Yuri, 
Timothy Patrick and her grandparents David and Susanne Malone.
  Officer Leath will forever be missed by family, friends and her 
colleagues at the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. The 
people of Indiana's Fifth Congressional District are eternally grateful 
for Breann's contributions to our Hoosier community and it is my 
privilege to honor her today. On behalf of all Hoosiers, I salute 
Officer Breann Leath for her impact and service to our community. I 
extend my deepest condolences to Breann's family, her friends, the 
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, and the fellow officers 
who mourn her loss.

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