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Pop Star Auctions Off Hummer

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Pop Star Auctions Off Hummer

Anthony Fontanelle
September 18, 2007

The call for greener cars has reached the world of celebrities in the past. Several high-profile actors and actresses drive a Toyota Prius. Recently, another celebrity has shown her concern for the environment by auctioning of her gas-guzzling Hummer H2 on eBay.

Stacy Ann Ferguson, better known as Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, recently contacted Auction Cause to "manage the auction listing on her behalf". The vehicle that is on the auction block is her 2005 DUB Edition Hummer H2. This type of vehicle is being frowned at by a lot of people since it is a large vehicle thus it consumes a lot of petroleum fuel.

Fergie is reported to be auctioning off the vehicle after she suffered buyer's remorse. The eBay listing for the Hummer said: "After performing at Live Earth and realizing everyone has a role to play in protecting the environment, Fergie decided to sell her HUMMER." Aside from getting rid of the gas guzzler, Fergie will also be donating all of the proceeds of the auction to Global Green USA. Further, Auction Cause will also be donating carbon emission credits for ten years to support Fergie's cause.

A disclaimer for the auctioned Hummer reads: "Fergie is not able to view any messages sent to this eBay account. Please do not send messages hoping they will be read or responded to by Fergie." This is because Auction Cause is the one handling the auction on eBay. But for those who might doubt that the Hummer is indeed owned by Fergie, the listing for the vehicle said that the vehicle being sold is "Fergie's actual vehicle". The winner of the bidding will be given a letter of authenticity from Auction Cause.

According to Edmunds, the leading online source for automotive information, the bidding wars for the Hummer skid plate -equipped H2 owned by Fergie will end on September 15. A total of 53 bids have been placed already and the highest bid so far is $64,100. It can be remembered that Boston Red Sox's David "Big Papi" Ortiz recently auctioned off his Mercedes-Benz on eBay but there were no takers. With Fergie's car, it is expected that there would be someone willing to shell out a small fortune to own a Hummer owned by a celebrity.

The vehicle only has 7,341 miles on the odometer and comes with a long list of feature which comes with all DUB Edition Hummer H2s. The vehicle is powered be a V8 engine coupled to an automatic transmission. Some of the features that the Hummer H2 has are power locks, driver airbag, power windows, four-wheel drive, air conditioning, high-end audio system, sunroof, and passenger airbags. Suspension for the Hummer H2 was listed as: "McGaughys suspension with coil spring rear 03-04 2/3 deluxe drop kit with spindles and shock extenders. Installation by HW Motorsports."

This action taken by Fergie shows that there is an increasing number of high-profile personalities making an effort to help protect the environment. For the sake of the environment, this must not be the last time that a celebrity does something for the environment.

Source:  Amazines.com

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