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Mazda Supports British Triathlon

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Mazda Supports British Triathlon

Anthony Fontanelle
October 2, 2007

For years, Mazda has been known as the maker of reliable vehicles equipped with Wankel engines. Recently, the Japanese car company is known for its Zoom Zoom ad campaign. Recently, the automaker announced that they will be sponsoring the world's largest and most popular triathlon event - the Mazda London Triathlon. This move by the automaker may be seen as part of its aim to popularize their vehicles which has a lot in common with disciplined athletes competing in triathlon events.

Aside from sponsoring the aforementioned event, Mazda has also forged a partnership with the British Triathlon Federation to introduce a regional talent identification program which will be used to discover talented athletes. The Japanese automaker will also sponsor world class athletes Tim Don and Olly Freeman as a part of their involvement with the sport. By sponsoring these two talented athletes, Mazda will be receiving attention from triathlon athletes and individuals interested in the sport.

According to DueMotori.com, both Freeman and Don selected the Mazda CX-7 as their "vehicle of choice". The reason why the two athletes picked the sporty crossover is because of its sporty characteristics coupled with comfort and practicality. Mazda has been known for producing exceptionally agile cars and the CX-7 is one of them. Being a crossover SUV, the CX-7 combines the handling and performance of a small car with the interior space and stability of large vehicles.

As for the performance of the Mazda oil-filter -equipped CX-7, it is adjudged by thecarconnection.com as a vehicle that "felt good, zipping around tight corners with only the barest hint of body roll". According to the automaker, the CX-7 has a top speed of 130 miles per hour. As for acceleration, the crossover is quick for its size. From a standstill, it can reach speeds of 60 miles per hour in less than eight seconds.

Mark Cameron, the marketing director of Mazda's arm in the United Kingdom, said: "We will be using triathlon to promote our new Mazda CX-7 sports crossover model, which is the latest embodiment of our brand’s core values and takes Mazda into a whole new sector of the UK market. Mazda’s whole Zoom-Zoom philosophy is about the thrill of driving and the feeling you get driving one of our cars. It is an attitude to life and a mode-of-thinking – and the Mazda CX-7 and triathlon echo that."

Other features of the Mazda CX-7 include a large boot that can accommodate a lot of luggage. For triathlon athletes, they can store what they would need for an event at in the vehicles boot including their bikes. The storage space can be increased by folding the rear seats. This can be done with a touch of a button.

Mazda will not be stopping their commitment to the sport with this move. "Mazda is looking to give something back to triathlon fans and prospective Mazda customers through this sponsorship by increasing participation in the sport at local and national levels as well as seeking potential triathletes for future major events," said Cameron. "Mazda wants to be a key enabler for growing levels of triathlon awareness and participation. We look forward to our association with the London Triathlon and our ongoing developmental work with the BTF," he added.

Source:  Amazines.com

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