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Audi Out For Glory

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Audi Out For Glory

Anthony Fontanelle
October 2, 2007

The introduction of a diesel car last year at the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race was a sign of better things to come from Audi in motorsport. This year, they returned to the said endurance race, Audi once again proved the supremacy of their diesel powered race car. Their dominance is also showing at the American Le Mans Series as they have swept all eight races in their class. But they have been beaten by lighter LM P2 cars in the past six races and the team will be looking to break that unlucky streak.

The next race of the season will be held at the Road Atlanta where Audi is known to excel in the past. But going into the said race, Audi is facing a major challenge from LM P2 cars. Although Audi has called for changes in the rules to make the sport fair for the heavier LM P1 cars, the ruling body of the sport has not done anything to change the rules. As a result, Audi's motorsport chief Wolfgang Ulrich said that they will be having a tough challenge going into the next race.

"The race at Road Atlanta is, along with Sebring and Le Mans, one of the most important sportscar races of the year," said Ulrich. The Road Atlanta race will have drivers competing in a grueling 1o-hour endurance race. "For this reason, we are particularly proud to have been unbeaten at Petit Le Mans to date. The LM P2 cars will make life difficult for us once again and the regulations are unchanged since the previous race. Even so, we aim to continue our impressive winning streak at Petit Le Mans."

The race is scheduled for October 6 and Audi and the other teams are now busy preparing for the 1000-mile race. Rinaldo Capello who will be driving the Number 1 Audi Sport North America R10 agreed with Ulrich that the next race is one of the most important events in the American Le Mans calendar. "Petit Le Mans is the most important race in the American Le Mans Series alongside the 12-hour race at Sebring, and is, at the same time, the penultimate race of the season." With two races to go, Capello and co-driver Allan McNish can clinch the championship at the Road Atlanta race on their Audi performance chip-equipped R10 TDI.

"This means that, at the same time as keeping one eye on the championship, it is important to score a good result so that we have a good points cushion heading into the finale at Laguna Seca. It would be even better for me if we could wrap up the drivers title in the penultimate round at Road Atlanta. I'm quite certain that our Audi R10 TDI will show its full potential in this race. It's clear that we are aiming for overall honors," added Capello.

But 24 Hours of Le Mans three-time winner Marco Werner is also looking to win at the said race to get closer to the championship. "We should be quick at Road Atlanta – and we know that the R10 TDI is reliable. I hope that ‘lady luck', which you need it in such a race, is also on our side," said the German driver.

Source:  Amazines.com

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