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BorgWarner To Provide Drivetrain For Chery

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BorgWarner To Provide Drivetrain For Chery

Anthony Fontanelle
October 3, 2007

The Chinese auto market is exponentially growing. The said market is considered to be one of the fastest growing markets of automobiles in the world. With more Chinese buying more and more vehicles, it is obvious that Chinese automakers are experiencing growth. One of these automakers from China making its presence felt in markets outside the country is Chery Automobile Company. The said automaker recently launched some of its vehicles on other Asian countries. As part of Chery's expansion, they have chosen BorgWarner as their supplier of driveline system integrators.

The said automotive parts supplier and the Chinese automaker have partnered to bring more quality vehicles to consumers not only in China but in other parts of the world. BorgWarner has been known in the world the auto industry as a maker of quality auto parts while Chery is aiming to popularize its name among consumers. By this tie-up, Chery is expected to receive a boost in terms of popularity with car buyers.

BorgWarner will supply the Chinese automaker with the driveline system integrator for Chery's new all-wheel drive SUV. Aside from that product, BorgWarner will also provide control systems for the sports utility vehicle to be manufactured by Chery. As the supplier of these auto parts to the Chinese automaker, BorgWarner is expected to specify the systems requirements for the new vehicles as well as the design of the drivetrain. With BorgWarner's expertise on their field, they are in a position to make Chery vehicle competitive in the auto market which is crowded with quality vehicles and quality auto parts such as EBC Greenstuff brake parts.

"Drivers are migrating from larger, rear-wheel drive SUVs to the stability and fuel efficiency of front-wheel drive based all-wheel drive vehicles. As a global leader in advanced all-wheel drive technology, we are pleased to provide drivers with the enhanced vehicle traction, stability and handling the NexTracâ„¢ system offers," Cindy Niekamp said, President and general manager of BorgWarner TorqTransfer Systems. "We are honored that Chery has chosen BorgWarner to play an important role in driveline system integration of this new SUV."

Even with the demand shifting from large vehicles to smaller ones, the partnership between Chery and BorgWarner is expected to usher a new era for the Chinese automaker in its bid for global expansion. It can also be expected that this will not be the last time that BorgWarner will supply auto parts for the Chinese automaker.

Source:  Amazines.com

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