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Ford Offers Glass Roof Option for the Mustang

Ford Mustang

Ford Offers Glass Roof Option for the Mustang

Anthony Fontanelle
December 14, 2007

As a part of celebration of the 45th anniversary of the iconic Ford Mustang, Ford Motor Company is adding up a new option for its customers next year with the launch of the glass roof option for the vehicle, which is dubbed as America’s favorite muscle car.

Called the 2009 Ford Glass Roof Mustang, this option will be available for both V-6 Mustang and Mustang GT variants starting in the summer of 2008. According to Ford, they offer the glass roof option for the Mustang because of the increasing consumer demands of a third roof option and the desire consumers for more natural light when driving.

Derrick Kuzak, Ford’s group vice president, Global Product Development commented: “Mustang is an icon in our product lineup, and we are committed to keeping Mustang news fresh every year. As the automotive landscape becomes increasingly competitive, features such as a panoramic glass roof will help differentiate our products from the competition.”

With a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $1,995, the glass roof option for the Ford Mustang will provide its customers with a "less expensive option than a convertible, without compromising the coupe’s versatility, headroom or climate controlled environment", according to Ford.

The glass roof for the Ford Mustang is made of tinted high quality privacy glass. This reduces the infrared and ultraviolet (UV) rays entering the car. In addition, the glass roof also minimizes the vehicle cool down by about 50 percent. To further reduce and control the occupant's exposure to the sun, Ford Mustang's glass roof comes with a built in manual roller blind, as well as layer of vinyl to reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). Customers should not worry whether the sun light cold damage the car's interior fabric materials. The glass roof is made of formulated material that reduces solar light, protecting these interior fabrics from discoloration and deterioration.

Compared to other typical automotive glasses, Ford Mustang's new glass roof is made of safety glass. This ensures the quality and structural integrity of the vehicle. In case of car troubles and the glass roof shatters, the glass pieces does not contain any sharp or jagged edges, making this unique glass as one of the most safety automotive feature in the market.

Paul Randle, chief nameplate engineer also commented: “Quality is a continuous process. The whole team is passionate about it, which results in our paying attention to the smallest details. Our owners have high expectations, and we always want to meet them – with strong features like this new roof option, quality and performance.”

The glass roof for the Ford Mustang models will be assembled at the company's Automotive Alliance International plant in Flat Rock, Michigan. Watch out for these models to arrive in dealerships in your area. While waiting, consumers can upgrade their auto parts like Ford Mustang or Acura CL fog light.

Source:  Amazines.com

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