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2008 Ford Shelby GT500KR is the New KITT

Ford Mustang

2008 Ford Shelby GT500KR is the New KITT

Anthony Fontanelle
December 14, 2007

Ford Motor Company will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Ford Shelby GT500 next year. In connection with this, the Dearborn-based automaker will launch a limited edition model to commemorate the vehicle's inception in the industry.

In the spring of 2008, Ford will introduce the Shelby GT500KR special edition model to roll out in dealer showrooms all over the United States. The "KR" stands for "King of the Road,” which is the moniker of the Shelby GT500 since 1968. In addition, the new 2008 Ford Shelby GT500KR will hit the TV screens as the vehicle will star in the remake of the popular Knight Rider TV series. The new version will once again feature David Hasselhoff. However, Mr. Hasselhoff won't be the lead star of the new Knight Rider. Instead, Justin Bruening will portray Michael Tracer, which is Knight's long lost son. The 2008 Ford Shelby GT500KR will replace the Pontiac as KITT (Knight Industries Three Thousand), one of the most important characters in the new Knight Rider. Ford and NBC team up to promote both the car and the movie in various media like special events, print ads, theaters, and the internet.

According to Al Uzielli, Senior advisor, to Ford Global Brand Entertainment, "It's purely a coincidence and a nice one at that. Auto enthusiasts will know what KR stands for. But most viewers will probably think it means Knight Rider; at least at first."

Uzielli added: "This is a completely car-centric show and my understanding is that NBC was heavily pursued by both GM and Chrysler. We landed it because not only did we have the perfect car, we had the right logistics. Our advertising agency Teamdetroit had strong contacts on the business side and our team at Ford Global Brand Entertainment had a close relationship with the creative side including the new head of NBC Entertainment Ben Silverman."

Several automotive tuners and experts collaborated to design the new KITT based on the 2008 Ford Shelby GT500KR. Galpin Auto Sports (GAS) made a significant contribution in creating the new KITT. Aside from Shelby GT500KR, KITT will also feature three modes including HERO, ATTACK and camouflage. All three modes will have its own design and performance capabilities. The HERO mode will feature a 540-hp power unit, while the ATTACK mode feature a more powerful engine and a wide range of equipements including new rear bumper cover, two-tiered spoiler, side scoops and custom rocker panels.

In addition, another version of the Ford Shelby GT500 will also hit the big screens as it stars in the movie "I Am Legend" starring Will Smith. Well, this a great attraction for both movie and car fans to see Ford models get into Hollywood. Will a regular Acura CL equipped with Acura CL fuel pump be the next to be featured in films?

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Anthony Fontanelle is a 35-year-old automotive buff who grew up in the Windy City. He does freelance work for an automotive magazine when he is not busy customizing cars in his shop.

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