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Mazda Sales Set All-Time Record In Canada

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Mazda Sales Set All-Time Record In Canada

Anthony Fontanelle
January 4, 2008

As most of the automakers worry how to boost their sales, one automaker will be celebrating. Yes, the Mazda Motor Corp. is jubilant to announce that it has inked an all-time record in Canada.

Mazda Canada set its fourth consecutive annual sales record by retailing 86,659 vehicles in the previous year - a seven percent increase over the 81,007 vehicles sold in 2006. The year closed with exceptionally strong sales for the month in which Mazda sold 4,811 vehicles, a record for the month of December, and a four percent increase compared to December 2006’s sales.

Mazda passenger cars and light trucks sales surged in 2007. Passenger car sales totaled 70,850 units, accounting for a 2.4 percent year-over-year raise. Light truck sales of 15,809 units account for a 34 percent raise over 2006.

"Demand for our CX-7 and CX-9 crossover utility vehicles has propelled Mazda sales to record levels in Canada. It is especially encouraging to see our success in Canada expand beyond our reputation for cars like the Mazda3 and Mazda5," said Don Romano, President of Mazda Canada Inc.

The burgeoning vehicle sales are attributed mainly to the strong demand for the compact Mazda3 and Mazda5, as well as the crossover utility vehicles. According to Newswire, the Japanese automaker’s top-selling vehicle, the Mazda3, retained its position as the second best-selling car in Canada with a total of 48,236 sales in the previous year, a one percent increase over 2007’s total. Sales of the Mazda5, meanwhile, surged by 35 percent over 2006 to 11,690 units. The CX-7 compact crossover utility vehicle recorded a 42 percent year-over-year sales increase to 4,729 units, while the CX-9 intermediate crossover inked 2,117 sales in its first year in the market.

Separately, another reason to celebrate is the commendation given to Mazda2. With a weight reduction of about 100 kilograms, Mazda2 has delivered an impressive fuel efficiency record. Additionally, with the first-class safety protection, Mazda2 garnered a five-star maximum rating in the European New Car Assessment Programme adult occupant protection safety test.

This is the second five-star score from Euro NCAP awarded to a Mazda vehicle. The first was given to the Mazda5 in September 2005.

The said five-star rating for adult occupant safety is a confirmation of the Mazda2’s world-class crash protection in a compact car. The new Mazda2 is about 100 kilograms lighter than its ancestor. Having a reduced weight was a key concentration of the model’s development. It is intended to achieve superb fuel economy, superior safety protection, and dynamic driving performance, all at the same time.

The maker of the distinctive Mazda grille used high-tensile steel sheets in the Mazda2 and its body shell was engineered to absorb and disperse impact energy in the event of a collision. What’s more, it helps avoid cabin deformation. These factors add up to a high level of protection for occupants in a vehicle that complies with the global safety standards.

Source:  Amazines.com

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