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Eagle Vision Fan Shroud: The Key to a Cool Engine

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Eagle Vision Fan Shroud: The Key to a Cool Engine

Anthony Fontanelle
January 22, 2008

The Eagle Vision is a four-door sedan that was introduced in the market in 1993. It debuted at the 1992 North America International Auto Show in Detroit. A replacement for the Eagle Premier, it is in many ways similar to the Chrysler Concorde, Chrysler New Yorker, and the Dodge Intrepid. In some areas in Europe, it has been known as the Chrysler Vision. Only a year after it was released, the Eagle Vision was immediately featured in the Car and Driver magazine’s Ten Best list. This just goes to show how powerful the performance of the Vision is.

Although the Vision has just lasted more than a decade, a number of people who still own one remain satisfied with its entire operation. This is because the Vision has various components that keep the vehicle properly running. Among these is the Eagle Vision fan shroud. As one uses a vehicle, the engine burns down fuel and generates energy to move the vehicle. Along with this power, the engine also produces heat. This engine heat is taken care of by the vehicle’s cooling system to prevent engine overheat. When the engine overheats, some sensitive parts of the engine get damaged. To prevent having to replace parts of the engine, it is best to ensure that it is properly kept at its ideal operating temperature with an Eagle Vision fan shroud.

What the Eagle Vision fan shroud does is to prevent the recirculation of warm air under the hood. Made of tough plastic, it encloses the fan. It seeks to guide the warm air into the core and, in so doing, prevents it from coming back around the fan again. To ensure that warm air does not make a comeback after it has been directed through the correct process, it is important that the Eagle Vision fan shroud is mounted properly. In the right position, it can direct the flow of air as it should, thus preventing engine overheat.

Source:  Amazines.com

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