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Hot New Autos Hit Washington Auto Show

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Hot New Autos Hit Washington Auto Show

Anthony Fontanelle
February 4, 2008

After the showcase of glam and glitz at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, another nice auto buff destination was Washington.

Over 700 new vehicles were on display at this year’s Washington Auto Show with the theme “Engineered for the Future”. Both foreign and domestic automakers flaunted their latest auto technology. Whether you want an uber-fast sports car, plush stretch limo, flamboyant compacts, environmentally friendly pickups and SUVs, chances are you can find them all at the said auto show.

Since the apparent trend of auto shows is to go green, some vehicles displayed run on alternative fuel – battery, diesel, and ethanol. These fuels burn more ably and cleaner than petrol. Watchers in the industry said that future needs to cover more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Advancements in fuel efficiency, as sported by the auto displayed, are consistent with America’s directive to raise the number of alternative fuel vehicles on the road, and slash reliance on foreign oil.

Another problem that needs timely remedy is global warming which is caused by greenhouse gas emissions. This is one problem that the government and the people in general have to resolve. Like the installation of air deflector to protect cars from clogged debris, the auto industry should come up with the latest technology to lessen the effects of global warming.

Alexander Karsner, the Department of Energy's Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy who graced the auto show, has this to say: "That efficiency is productivity. Efficiency is competitiveness. When you get more out of using less, you are always making your economy more agile, more competitive, more productive, and ultimately, creating more value for your citizenry.” "The reason we really do auto shows, if you think about it, is to allow the customer to come in and look at our products, and touch and feel them in a non-threatening atmosphere. They don't have to feel that they're under any pressure [to buy]. We actually want them to come in, open the doors, open the trunks, kick the tires and ask us questions," explained Scott Settlemire. manager of the Chevrolet and Hummer exhibits for General Motors Corp.

Tom Albert, a resident of Virginia, volunteered to test drive Chevrolet's Equinox, a hydrogen fuel cell electric SUV. He said, "I'll drive it to and from work, to the grocery store, to the home improvement store, and I'm sure to go buy some diapers."

Albert said fueling the vehicle is similar to fueling gas-driven cars. "You connect the hose up. What you do, there's currently a cable that'll connect between the pump and the car. And they'll talk to one another, in order to fuel the tank," he told Voice of America.

Chevrolet said the Equinox can run over 300 kilometers before refueling. The automaker added this makes the vehicle ideal for use in short distance situations, such as running errands.

Source:  Amazines.com

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