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Performance Audi Parts in the New Audi A4

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Performance Audi Parts in the New Audi A4

Anthony Fontanelle
April 23, 2008

This year, the most anticipated car made by Audi has been unveiled?the Audi A4. This is one of the safest sedans ever made by Audi. Its safety features was made possible thru its specially engineered Audi parts. Since 1994, Audi A4 is already in the mainline production of the company. It is known to be a front-wheel drive executive car that bears just enough power and remarkable comfort. When it was first introduced in 1994, it was marketed partnering the Volkswagen Passat. Through the years, refinements have been made to further elevate its stance as well as to satisfy every driver’s needs. Now, it has already reached its 4th generation stage and still continues to innovate. Audi A4 will capture the world with its new and refurbished features.

New Audi parts used in the 2008 A4 can be divided into at least three classifications–body designs, safety and interior. The parts that comprise the body design of the A4 have the inclination of the older versions yet, bearing distinct details that can only be attributed to the 2008 A4. Among its most distinct features are the fenders that are made to satisfy the aerodynamic requirements of a coupe. Its contours and lines impose an original look, combining luxury with sporty appearance. It still bears the strong and lucrative exterior form that has long been a trademark of the Audi A4.

Among the safety Audi parts that have undergone refinements are the side mirrors. Their functions were retained but their styles have been improved. Lights were integrated on the mirrors, which serve as warning mechanisms whenever there is an approaching vehicle from behind. These work via a sensor instrument coined by Audi as the Blind-Spot warning system. When the mechanism senses that there is an approaching vehicle, the lights on the side mirrors blinks, allowing the driver to be aware of the incoming vehicle. Sensors are also used for the Lane Departure warning system. This system on the on the contrary, signals the driver with a vibration on the steering wheel when the car has taken the other lane already.

The interior of the A4 also utilizes several new Audi parts. These include the terrific sound system, the amazing drive options and the elegant upholstery materials. Cabin space is nevertheless above standard and is simply astonishing. Summing all up the Audi A4’s features, a thrilling driving experience is guaranteed.

Source:  Amazines.com

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