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Venturini Motorsports Finds a Fit in the Late Model Series with Lee Faulk Racing

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Venturini Motorsports Finds a Fit in the Late Model Series with Lee Faulk Racing

Emily Teeter
Venturini Motorsports
May 6, 2010

CONCORD NC (05-06-10) – Venturini Motorsports has grown to be a powerhouse in the ARCA Racing Series and proven themselves to be the premier driver development program for up and coming talent. The achievement of the company and team has been proven from its past success and continues to be shown each time the team arrives at the track.

Young and uprising talent has come through Venturini Motorsports and made it to the ranks of NASCAR. Most notably Joey Logano, Justin Allgier, Scott Lagasse Jr., Brian Scott, Sean Caisse, and Steve Arpin.

But before these drivers prospered at Venturini Motorsports, they all had a racing background prior to ARCA Racing. Many drivers have raced Legend cars, Quarter-Midgets, Pro Cup, and Late Model Stocks before advancing their career.

While growing their racing development team, Venturini Motorsports has now teamed up with Lee Faulk Racing Development to help advance drivers in the Late Model Series.

Lee Faulk Racing will help prepare young drivers in the Late Model Series to the highest potential to be assured they are ready for the next level of racing at Venturini Motorsports.

Let alone from the previous success that Venturini Motorsports and Lee Faulk Racing have both proved in the racing, the team have very similar background. Much like Venturini Motorsports, Lee Faulk Racing is a family run team and they both have their cars decaled in no. 15, 25 and 55. The personality and charisma characteristic that both teams’ posses are almost identical. This had made a great match for the teams to work together for the common goal of producing and developing upcoming drivers.

“I am really looking forward to working with the Faulks. They have a very reputable and strong program and they are hardcore racers,” said Billy Venturini. “As a fellow racer I really have admiration for their development program. This is going to be a wonderful fit for both Venturini Motorsports and Lee Faulk Racing. With the combination of both teams, we will see a lot of good talent in the future.”

Venturini Motorsports and Lee Faulk Racing will work with their drivers in several areas – on track coaching, media training, sponsor relations and core fitness levels. The teams believe that to achieve success in higher levels of racing, drivers must enter the scene as prepared as possible, as well rounded as possible, mentally and physically driven to have a leg up on their competition.

Lee Faulk Racing provides their drivers with great equipment to showcase their talents and prepares them with great opportunities that lie ahead. When working with Lee Faulk Racing, drivers can be assured that they will move on prepared, focused and successful to make the step with Venturini Motorsports.

Venturini Motorsports program continues to grow and produce new talent for the NASCAR Series with their current 2010 drivers. The on-track success and the off-track commitment that comes from Venturini Motorsports prove the domination, precedence, and success that the team sets forth in all levels of racing.

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