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The last 18 days in the life of our club

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The last 18 days in the life of our club

Jim Brooks
August 8, 2010


Now that the very busy time is over I would like to thank all those who gave of their time, and in some cases sweat, for helping out the club events. For those of you not aware of what the club has done here is a list of dates and places: July 17, NIMCON, July 18, Gary Lang car show, July 19, McHenry Green Street cruise night, (3 in a row), July 31 Indian Uprising, Aug 1, Indian Uprising, Aug 2, Putting on decals for McHenry County Sheriff Dept. National Night out Make n Take, Aug 3 Mchenry County Sheriff Dept. National Night Out Make n Take in Crystal Lake(four in a row, what a effort by the club). I'm happy to say that each one of these events went very well and we have been asked to do some again next year pluse the club has grown some more with new members. The club was also in the Northwest Hearld news paper and on the internet along with being asked to do a model contest this coming November, more of that later.

For the following, (please forgive me if I over looked any one as I was not at each event all day and might have missed seeing someone) I wish to extend a very big thank you for your club support.

Nick Gregory
John Walczak
Steve Lohr
Craig Sincora
Walt Fink
Joe Salzburg
Doug Demars
Bob Deneen
Gerry Paquette
Ken Kellner
Jim Brooks

With out the effort the above members made NONE of the events would have gone as well as they did, I wish each one a very big THANK YOU for your help.

Also within the same time frame a banner frame was made to hold our club banner which was put to use at some of the events, it is not quite finished yet but we pressed it into use anyway.

The club is taking a short break from all the outside activity for the rest of the month so we can regroup and see what we can do to improve for the next round of events, please keep in mind that we can always use more help at these events, even if only for a hour or two so the members there can get a break for a little while to see the show, or get something to eat or drink and catch their breath.

This article was published in the August 2010 edition of The Parts Tree.

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