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George W. Whelen Creates Whelen LED Light Bars

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George W. Whelen Creates Whelen LED Light Bars

Paul Wise
September 16, 2010

Paul Wise

A Whelen LED light bar comes from the company founded by George W. Whelen back in 1952 to produce audio-visual warning devices. The Whelen Engineering Company is based in Connecticut and consists of four divisions and a subsidiary. Your Whelen LED light bar is produced by the company's automotive division, responsible for lights and sirens of all kinds, including public address systems, all either mounted or unmounted. The other divisions oversee products intended for industrial settings, the aviation industry, and mass alerts. Thus public address systems, omnidirectional sirens, and related hardware falls under their Mass Notification Products Division, while aircraft and airport directional lighting and warning equipment are handled by the Aviation Division.

The Whelen LED light bar is one of the company's newest products, capitalizing on advanced LED or Light Emitting Diode technology. Modern LED lighting is power high powered and highly efficient. One of their chief advantages is providing for both color and motion without sacrificing clarity, all while offering long operational lives. They are now even found in television sets, brightly illuminating screens while preserving a sharp level of detail and a range of robust colors.

These days, LEDs are the lighting of choice for emergency vehicles. LED lights used to be found primarily in electronics, serving as status indicators, but increased performance in recent years has lead - no pun intended - to their being found in almost any product, from flashlights and stage lights to recreational and decorative lighting such as those found on vehicles and holiday displays. Today's LEDS offer a wide variety of colors in a wide variety of voltages, with vibration-resistant solid-state electronics and very low levels of heat emission. Perfect!

It makes a difference as to what is being used for economical safety as well as efficiency. LEDs are now being used throughout the entire continent for several purposes. Technology has become so advanced that LED lights can now be attached to various types of piercings. Some rock stars or metal bands create an attracting music video using these piercings such as tongue ring LEDs which gives the effect of illuminating only the internal part of the mouth. This may actually become a trend soon however it is only one of the many examples that are out there.

Most of those characteristics are just perfect for the needs of emergency response vehicles, law enforcement in particular. Lights and sirens are the most important innovations to hit the patrol car since Motorola first installed radios in them back in the 1920s. Since then, the only invention of comparable influence has been sirens and beacons - now replaced with lightbars, and LED-based ones at that. The growth of stealth and semi-stealth police vehicles, however, means that many cars do without visible lightbars altogether in a bid to remain undercover. In the case of unmarked cars, internal lightbars may be installed that are illuminated (and thus visible) only when turned on. Semi-stealth patrol cars, particularly those involved in traffic enforcement, have also adopted similar arrangements.

By Paul Wise who often uses Whelen LED Light bars and thus recommends

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