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Do You Need Emergency Road Service With Your Insurance Company?

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Do You Need Emergency Road Service With Your Insurance Company?

Todd Clay
November 17, 2010

Todd Clay

What exactly emergency road service is, the way it operates, should you simply make use of the auto club's service, and other concerns. Emergency road service had been the unique domain of auto clubs, for example, the American Automobile Association (AAA) - not anymore.

The Way Emergency Road Service Functions

Emergency roadside assistance gives you somebody to contact 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, if you were to find yourself in a bad situation on the road. They rapidly dispatch the nearest, most competent service provider to exactly where ever you are.

Emergency roadside service is covered like towing. Emergency roadside assistance is paid out per event at a moderate sum. You may have emergency roadside assistance coverage or you do not. Check your insurance policy or call your agent to find out.

Emergency roadside assistance assists on towing services that includes usually around $100.00 coverage per incident. Incidents include a towing allowance to the closest service facility. It aids battery jump starts when you have a dead battery.

It allows minor roadside changes when need occurs. It provides flat tire assistance when you need your tire changed. It delivers fuel. It will cover removing a car from a ditch, mud or snow as long as it is accessible from a normally traveled roadway. It has a lockout service when you lock your keys in the vehicle.

Auto Club or Insurance Coverage?

Emergency roadside assistance is usually very affordable. It's also very helpful. However, if you're already a member of an auto club that provides emergency roadside assistance, there's no need to have it on your insurance too. Depending on your area, auto clubs may offer a better roadside assistance program anyway.

If you're looking at the coverage, check out the auto club first. But if you don't have an auto club membership, Emergency Roadside Service is very affordable with an insurance company. When checking with your insurance company, be sure to ask what their Emergency Road Service will cover.

Questions To Ask Your Insurance Company

  • Can they supply gasoline when you run out?
  • Can they tow your vehicle if it's required?
  • Is their towing protection different from an auto club?
  • What if you break down within the rural region, or even out of state?
  • How many states does the insurance span?
  • Which drivers will the insurance cover?

    Before trouble strikes, it is important to select a roadside assistance provider that fulfills your needs. Old vehicles tend to break down on the street compared to more vehicles so it's best to have older cars covered.

    Experts recommend weighing your choices. "Be sure it covers the person, not the vehicle," says Doug Mclendon, director of roadside programs for AAA. Look for a versatile program that provides benefits to suit your personal needs and will not leave you with out-of-pocket expenses right after a breakdown. Think about all these types of elements before signing up for emergency roadside assistance with your insurance company.

    Todd Clay was an agent for the largest insurance company in the United States. He now researches and blogs about car insurance with the consumer in mind. Check out the latest customer reviews, rates by state, or grab a few auto insurance quotes in 5 minutes at:

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