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Why The Chevelle Was So Popular

Chevrolet Chevelle

Why The Chevelle Was So Popular

William Jason
February 11, 2011


The rise of muscle cars can be dated back to the early sixties. Believe it or not, there were more muscle cars that were manufactured in this era than in any other time. One of these classic models was the Chevrolet Chevelle. The Chevelle had a meaner look than most cars of its time. The foremost asset of this vehicle was its front fenders that gave it such a tough and memorable design.. There was just something about this car that really drew people to it. Whether it was the hum of its powerful engine, or its stylish looks, people's fascination with this car could not be denied. Lastly, the SS badge located on the side of the front car area just worked perfectly to the overall design of the car.

The engine component of the original Chevelle had a 11:1 compression ratio that could reach 60 mph in 6.5 seconds. It had solid lifters, huge valve heads, and brand new aluminum exhaust manifolds that improved the engine's functionality. Stylish bumpers and roof line were also incorporated to round out its looks. It was reported that Chevelle had handling problems that could only be corrected with the use of powerful springs and shocks. So suffice it to say, the total performance of the vehicle was still weak. Of course these handling problems were corrected in later models.

Despite the handling problems, this was still one of the best selling cars of it's era. Unfortunately, due to rising gas prices and insurance premiums, the Chevelle was finally discontiuned by Chevy. However, it left an exxtremely impressive legacy behind that has lasted until this very day.

Over the last decade the value of the Chevelle has risen dramatically. A little over 10 years ago you could buy this car in mint condition for right around $20,000. However, it would cost you twice that amount today if you wanted to add one to your collection. This is because the Chevelle is possibly one of the most popular muscle cars on the road today. In my opinion it rivals that of the Mustang.Of course other car enthusiasts would heartily disagree with me. But that is what makes these cars so much fun, everyone has their own opinion and feels quite strongly about those opinions. This is why you will see so many people at car shows and car cruises, because classics like the Chevelle really draw you in.

William Jason has admired classic cars ever since he was a young child and you can read his blog at: http://musclecarmonster.com/

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