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The Batmobile: Ford Lincoln Futura

Topics:  Lincoln Futura, Batmobile

The Batmobile: Ford Lincoln Futura

William Jason
March 17, 2011

William Jason

If you lived most of your life during the sixties, you might recall a certain TV show about a costumed crusader bearing the logo of a bat in his chest with a young sidekick wearing a noticeable red and green motif apparel. Yes, Batman started his adventures during that time as the avenger of Gotham City; sworn to protect the people from crooks like The Joker, Penguin and The Riddler. And along his side was a young boy by the name of Robin who served as his partner and young apprentice. From the day that the series first hit the television screens, it became an immediate must-see for everyone. Batman had this detective-like process of solving crimes and mysteries. And couple that know-how with the latest in fictional crime-fighting technology and you would have had an immediate impact onto the people.

And speaking of gadgets, the most prominent one that Batman had during those times was the Batmobile. The symbolic car became a lasting figure for the next Batman-inspired TV shows and movies. Almost all Batmobiles that came after had the same feel as the first one. But in light of all this wonder, does anybody really have any idea of what a Batmobile is?

The Batmobile is actually a 1955 Ford Lincoln Futura. Among the cars in the Lincoln brand, this one was fully functional for speed and not just for car shows. During those times, cars that were put in show were not really advisable to be used on roads. Either it was because these cars were built more for design, or they really were not made to last prolonged driving. The Futura was different in a way that it was driveable despite its awkward look. The car was built by hand in Italy by the known car designer Ghia.

It had a very distinct look that made it quite a fanfare among those who have seen it. The headlights' edges were protruding outward forming a pointed look. The back of the car was also pointed, with a look as though it had been swept backward. The most prominent feature that you will observe in this car though, is its cockpit. It had two clear canopy tops that were shaped like bulbs covering the interior of the two-seater Futura. This was one of the reasons why not a lot of people found the car very applicable for the road. The engine was outstanding though, with a 368 cubic inch Lincoln engine and powertrain.

The Futura was truly unique. It was made as though it was destined to be the Batmobile. And as you would have seen in the series, the Futura did quite well in playing its part.

Wiliam Jason is a muscle car fanatic and has been collecting and restoring them for the last 15 years, You can visit his website at http://musclecarmonster.com/

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