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What Made The Jaguar Mark VII Stand Out

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What Made The Jaguar Mark VII Stand Out

William Jason
March 20, 2011

If your affection for classic cars lies on full-sized sedans, the Jaguar Mark VII is the right one for you. The Mark VII is a large four-door sports sedan manufactured by Jaguar Cars. It was launched in 1950, at the London Motor Show and it rolled in production from 1951 to 1956. In this span of time, more than 30,000 units of the Mark VII were produced, though not a lot of them were left at present. Because of its rarity, it is considered as one of the most sought after classic cars from Jaguar Cars. This article will walk you through some important information about the Jaguar Mark VII, so that the next time you decide to pursue classic cars, this one will surely be on your must-have list.

From its name, you might think that the Jaguar Mark VII replaced an earlier Jaguar Mark VI. But it actually preceded the Jaguar Mark V. Since there was already a Mark VI (Bentley Mark VI) in the market, Jaguar cars proceeded to call their next model as Mark VII.

The Jaguar Mark VIIs chassis came from the original Mark V, because they shared similar wheelbase of 10 feet or 3,048.0 mm. What set the latest model apart was that it features a more modern design, with its body looking more streamlined for excellent look and performance. The body of the Mark VII has fully integrated headlights and mudguards, and has an increased rear overhang, giving this Jaguar a presence that you'll never miss. Just like the Mark V, the rear wheels were somehow covered by the body work. These coverings are called spats, and could just be taken off whenever you need to replace a tire. The windscreen of the Mark VII features a 2-piece front screen, giving it its intimidating, classic car look.

When it comes to its engine, the Jaguar Mark VII is a standout. Its era-defining XK engine was a great upgrade from its predecessors engine which is a prewar design. The XK engine is a 3442 cc straight six engine capable of 160 bhp power output, similar to the Mark VIIs sports car brother, the XK120. It may be a full sized classic car, but it is capable of decent speeds that easily top 100 mph. It is also capable of accelerating from zero to 60 mph in just 13.7 seconds. It also has a decent mileage of 17.6 miles per imperial gallon, or in US measurements, around 14.7 mpg.

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