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Coupons For Car Rentals

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Coupons For Car Rentals

Paul Wise
March 24, 2011

Paul Wise

Coupons for car rental, I thought, that's worth looking into if I want to take a weekend off. I miss my car. Tooling around in your own automobile with the stereo blasting and the windows down is something I realize I took for granted since moving to a large city, where owning a car is more of an inconvenience and just another expense to worry about.

For many urban dwellers just like me, going about life without your own car is an entirely feasible and often time very convenient way of life. But sometimes there come moments when you wish you had a car, if only to escape the city for a weekend. Luckily for people like us, there is an entire industry catering to those in temporary need of automobiles who otherwise don't actually wish to own one: rental cars.

Rental cars are a very simple and affordable solution to having a temporary vehicle. Coupons for car rental exist to promote just such an industry, especially in big cities with people like myself looking to get away for a few days. Such a thing is also handy for those on the complete opposite end of the social spectrum - businessmen and women who are constantly traveling for work.

Since driving back and forth across the country is very impractical, the availability of rental cars in whichever city they land is a huge asset. Or in unfortunate cases where one does own a car but it is wrecked in an accident or in the shop for repairs, rental cars provide a temporary means of transport until their own personal vehicle is returned or replaced. Rental agencies offering very sporty, ultra high-end vehicles even exist for those who'd like let out their inner motor-head and cruise around in a Porsche or Rolls Royce for a day.

Cars can be rented for a flat fee based on the duration they are rented for, or customers can be charged on a per mileage basis. Coupons for car rental reduce these costs to entice people into taking advantage of the service. Price will always vary though depending on the business model of the company, the type of car rented, the amenities it comes with (which are numerous now, including on-board entertainment systems and GPS), and the duration or distance over which the car is used.

A credit card is almost always required as a means to hold the customer responsible for any damage incurred during their tenure with the rented vehicle, or to serve as leverage should a customer attempt to steal a vehicle. All rental agencies are required (if even only in fine print) to provide liability coverage - usually the bare minimum - covering costs to a third party in the event of an accident resulting in bodily harm or property damage. Optional insurance packages are also often for sale when renting the car.

By Paul Wise, who often uses coupons for car rentals when going to New York, recommends http://www.rentacarcouponcodes.com for some great deals.

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